Ruby update: help still needed! ✈️

A quick update about Ruby (see article Please help us bring Ruby home). We have raised a little under half the amount needed, we still have a couple of weeks to go and for Ruby everyday counts. For the charity getting Ruby to the UK means a lot, it means she is safe, loved and with her family. The bigger picture - an older dog won't be passed around from foster to foster and probably never homed. Every organisation ends up with so many older and often unhomeable dogs. We will always do our best for them but they aren't always lucky.

If you'd like to help PLEASE make a deposit, transfer, cheque, Paypal or cash. Please remember amounts over $200 we will issue a tax deductible receipt. HSBC 848 525382 838 Kirsten's Zoo Ltd. Ways to donate can be found here. Please note "RUBY" with your transaction.  

For those of you who have given thank you - Kat & Rob, Aditi, Jonathan, Dawn, Jennis we are eternally grateful! For those of you who would like to help: we can offer you a tax deductible receipt and our sincere thanks.

Please feel free to call me for further details - 55951933 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.