Please help us bring Ruby home! ✈️

Ruby was adopted a good few years ago, she's 9 years young and from us at the Zoo. She's been with her family ever since, seen the kids grow up and go to school and waited for them to come home every day. She's had a happy, blessed life, been loved, cuddled and cared for and we are desperate for that to continue.

Life as we are all very much aware throws things at us from time to time leaving us reeling and bewildered. Ruby's family have found themselves in the middle of a terrible situation and are doing all they can to resolve it. When a close family member is struck down with cancer and you are close you make life changing decisions and fast. We all have only one mum, one dad!

Ruby's family didn't ask for help, they've just got on and done what they had to. However when I saw a post I realised that they were having to leave Ruby behind. I felt sure this wasn't what they wanted, but more what they felt they had to do. I called and had a short conversation and offered help. These are good people and a loving family who need, deserve and will receive help.

I want you to help me raise the money to get Ruby to England, then Scotland. If we can get her to London on the flight with her dad, dad will hire a car and drive to Glasgow to be reunited with the rest of the family. It's a 9 hour drive from London and after flying from Australia to Hong Kong to London. I think a bed for the night might be needed before heading North, and home!

I'm waiting for George, our pet travel lifesaver, to give me a quote and then we start ..............We have until the 11th August, she's had her health check, update and is in great shape for a middle aged dog.

If you'd like to help PLEASE make a deposit, transfer, cheque, Paypal or cash. Please remember amounts over $200 we will issue a tax deductible receipt. HSBC 848 525382 838 Kirsten's Zoo Ltd. Ways to donate can be found here. Please note "RUBY" with your transaction.  

I'll be 60 this week (YIKES) and as a rule don't celebrate birthdays, however this is a big one and I've been given some $$ to spend on myself, that'll be a change. I'd like to make my birthday special and for this I need to get Ruby to the UK. I pledge $2,000 to get Ruby started!

Go Ruby Go! 

Please note, the family did not ask for help or money to get their dog to the UK. In fact they asked to rehome Ruby. I told them how difficult it would be at her age and I asked if it was the money that was preventing her going and if yes then I'd rather raise the money to get her back to the U.K. That's where it started!

To give up, pack up everything with kids to relocate to a place you haven't lived for many years is tough. When a family member is terminally ill it's far worse of course. 

They are good people, if you'd 'like to know more please feel free to email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.