Yudo's Story - A Miraculous Recovery!

Our friend and volunteer found this unfortunate creature. He was soaking wet from the rain, covered in fleas, sores and dirt. His skin was bleeding and his eyes were firmly closed with puss streaking over his face. Many people passed by and probably felt sick, but didn't stop. Thankfully, someone did - thank you Clif for being a Superhero!

He scooped him up in a box and went to the nearest vet, where he was put on a drip after blood tests and a clean up. Nobody expected Yudo to last the night - we all prepared ourselves for the worst! And yet, he did indeed survive the night and the next and the next!!

He has eyes, he can see (we were worried he was blind), and his threadbare fur is looking healthier, as is he. He's been on a drip and he's now rehydrated, his kidneys are functioning too,  though still not 100%. His blood tests are all normal again, he's eating and drinking, plus using his litter tray.The progress is visible in the photos - what a difference! 


We couldn't be happier and we are really looking forward to him having a future which looked so unlikely just a few days ago. He's now in a foster home and improving every second.

He has, of course, racked up a large bill across two clinics and we are hoping to raise some funds to help cover his costs. He will go back to Acorn in 3 days for more tests. Every day is a new day for him and we can't say how long he'll take to full recover.

If you can help with ongoing costs please donate using any of the methods here. We can of course issue tax deductible receipts for amounts over $200. Thank you for helping us help Yudo, a quiet 3 year old male who we look forward to homing somewhere down the line 🐱