Jessie & Kirsten need your help!

A message from Kirsten:

On the 12th of March, I went on a long overdue holiday. It was lovely and the batteries recharged. However, on my way to the airport at 6.30am on the 20th March to get my flight home, I had a car accident. The taxi I was travelling in hit a large truck with no tail lights, it was dark, and we were going 90 in a 120 zone.

I ended up in hospital with multiple injuries, internal and external, battered and bruised. I was wearing a seatbelt which is why I am writing this and alive. The taxi driver walked away with scratches and a bruised knee - it was my side that got hit full on - the car was wrecked.

I finally got home on the 12th April - so it took just over 3 weeks of recovering from injuries and gaining enough strength to get a flight, and yes I took out insurance! 

I have quite a way to go, months in fact, for a full recovery and it hasn't been easy or as I expected, in fact, it's been absolute hell! I still have mending ribs, neck and chest issues, dizziness and blurred vision, all making it hard to bend, reach up, or lift much at all, and as for walking - I'm used to walking 8-10km a day, and can now do no more than 15 minutes at a time. I haven't taken any painkillers since week one; I'm scared if I do I'll imagine I will do too much too fast, resulting in a lengthier recovery time.

I'm quite a private person and have always done for myself, so this has really thrown me; having to repeatedly ask for help has been harder than the discomfort and pain. I find myself asking daily and cringing each time. Which brings me to my big ask..

I have 5 dogs of my own and 1 cat, all the dogs are of a similar age and ability, actually only 2 of them do longer walks, while my 3 pensioners potter along with me to the end of the street two or three times a day. We've been together for the longest time (6-13 years) getting old together haha. 

While I was away, one of the charities dogs was sent to stay at my place. Don't get me wrong, I had agreed to this and fully intended on continuing to care for and foster her upon my return. Sadly, little Jessie is actually hampering my recovery. She's much younger than my lot, and nervous of noises, large vehicles, among other things, so when she walks she pulls quite a lot! Bottom line is I am not well enough or strong enough to walk her, trying to is hurting me... I've ended up in bed repeatedly after trying to walk her. She's toilet-trained, low-maintenance, not difficult per se, she just needs someone to guide her. She's fine with other dogs, up to date and healthy and around 13kg so not too big. I am simply unable to continue fostering her, and may have to resort to putting her in the kennels. She will hate it (I will hate myself) and all the hard work over the last year will be lost. She's gown confidence and improved so much.


I'm desperate for a foster for Jessie - if you can help please contact me ASAP by calling 55951933 or going straight to a foster form here.

Thank you to all of you who have helped me thus far.


Founder of Kirsten's Zoo