New Breeder Cats Need Homes/Fosters

Out with the old they say? Well, these 5 cats aren’t old, they’re just no longer making money. Three of them are coming in on the 5th January and we will need fosters/homes lined up.

First three coming are:

Thelma - She's a youngster around 3 years old, used for breeding like so many others. She's an Exotic Shorthair Tabby. Thankfully her breeding days over, as she's not producing enough to make money. So we will take her and her friends in. YAY! She, like the others, is friendly with people and will tolerate both cats and dogs. However, after having spent her life around other animals it would be nice for her to get all the attention to herself. In foster - needs a home

Tamara - She is a British Short Hair grey & white girl, around 3 years old. She is a friendly cat who loves attention and will be a lovely addition to any family. Perhaps she  would also like to be the only cat so she can finally enjoy all the love and attention all to herself. Adopted

Torville - She is an Exotic Short Hair Tabby & White girl, around 3 years old and a real character. She has a great personality, and she's affectionate and sweet like all of the other breeder cats. She's in need of a lovely, loving home - yours perhaps? In foster - needs a home

Tina - Adopted

Talia - In foster - needs a home

If you can help to foster any of these cats, please fill in the form here, or if you are interested in adoption, please use the adoption form here.