This Will Be Stalin's Last Christmas

The pet shop breeder led us to believe she was giving Stalin up because she wanted to give him a better life - HAH, what a joke! We were told we would get a beautiful, large (overweight) healthy, young cat. What we actually received was not that, not even close. 

Stalin is in fact a normal (ish) sized cat, but normal ends there. He is actually very sick - he has a serious heart condition, among other issues, and he has been given no more than a few months to live. 

We have done everything we can, and spent thousands trying to fix what we now know is impossible! After an examination and an x-ray, the cardiologist said his abdomen was filled with blood, and his heart was like a "flabby bag". He is on medication (5 pills a day) and this will keep him going and keep him alive and as comfortable as possible, for as long as possible. However, it can't and won't save him, it's inevitable he will die and in a matter of months!

Stalin had been forced to breed for years - the breeder lied about his health, his age, lied about everything and must have continued to breed him knowing she was passing on the same heart and health issues! IF YOU BUY - you are agreeing to this and the abuse and death of an innocent, friendly cat like Stalin!

I am desperate to find a place, a warm comfortable place, to see out his days. The alternative being we will have to euthanize him after Christmas. I won't let him live in a cage or be left alone for long hours. I want someone to show him the love and attention he's been denied for years. He has a place to be for a week and then we have to decide what comes next.

If you think you can give Stalin what he needs and deserves, please fill in the form here.