Justin & Crystal Need Help

Justin & Crystal are in kennels and together for now, at least. They weren't from us, however after a sudden tragedy and therefore an unexpected change in their life and circumstances, we couldn't say no - they really need help! They've been through enough to last them a lifetime...

Justin is a ridgeback cross and will be 2 in January. He is tall, svelte, rather handsome, and the perfect choice for those of you who like larger dogs, though he's only 33kg. He loves other dogs and will play with any willing candidate, though at home he's more of a "lie by the fire" kind of boy and keeps his own company mainly. He's energetic, so he needs longer walks and time to burn off some of his energy.  He'd be a wonderful companion and friend to the fortunate person who adopts him. Could that be you? 


Crystal turned 2-years-old last month. She's a beautiful mixed breed with eyes that would melt your soul. Though perhaps a little shy at first, she will love you for life if you take her on long walks and show her attention and affection. In other words, she's a well-adjusted, easy-going, low-maintenance, normal dog. She's up to date with all required and needed, except a home. We will happily arrange for you to meet her and you can see for yourself - she really does need a break and now!


Can you open your heart and door to either of these dogs, who desperately need a safe haven having lost everything and everyone they know in the blink of an eye? If you are interested in adopting or willing to help foster, the forms can be found here. They have both found a foster - now looking for their forever home.