URGENT - Buzz Needs Your Help

This is a cry for help for a dog who really needs a break...  

...he's not perfect, but then are you? He's 8 years young, a bit grumpy with dogs if they go near his bum, but hey that's reasonable right? 

I know, I hear you thinking ''Oh, another dog in need'' yeah, but read on please. This is distressing, in fact it's tragic - he has been a family pet, a friend, and loyal companion for 7+ years, the best dog, but his life is now hanging in the balance. His family are people you can't not like, respect or want to help. They are the kind of people I personally wish there were more of in this sad world - people who will move heaven and earth to save their dog and against the odds. 

The thing is, he desperately needs a new home or foster home and now!! Sadly, he's outgrown the kids; his patience is at an end. The noise, the chatter, the games and flying around just don't do it for him anymore. He really wants a quiet space where he can sleep uninterrupted and dream of catching rabbits, a place he can stretch out and not worry about a small human creature landing on him, accidentally or lovingly, or trying to kiss him while he's in the land of nod.

He's a loyal, loving dog, and has been a friend to each and every member of his family. He's put up with and enjoyed the hugs and the kisses, perhaps not the grabbing or hair pulling, but even then, he's put up with it more often than not. However, after an incident involving one of the kids, it's crystal clear he can't take it anymore.

We are seeking a loving person or people who want a loyal companion, a friend to enjoy walks with and be around. A healthy, up-to-date, toilet-trained male, who you will love unconditionally, and he you. Someone without children or dogs, but a cat would be fine. 

I actually want you to speak the the family, in fact I will encourage you to do so in order to appreciate the importance of this dog in their lives, and the reason for the decision they've had to make. 

The family who adore him and who have loved him since he was a puppy are in need of help! Can you open your heart and door to Buzz?! You can find our adoption form and foster form here.