An Unexpected Event for Asia

Sadly Asia's wonderful foster parents have to go back home for a month to take care of a sick relative. This is disastrous for Asia, so she really needs our help once again...

It's only been a matter of weeks since she was given up and without a backward glance. She was confused, clearly disoriented and terrified, watching the last person and connection to all she knew, disappear in the blink of an eye. Then to go to a place she'd never been, with people she'd never seen before, is a lot for a dog of 9 years, well it would be a lot for any dog. 

Asia spent the first few days staring at the door, clearly waiting for someone she knew to come for her. After 5 days, I believe the penny dropped and she accepted that this was going to be her new life. She slowly started to eat more (decent food now - not Purina or Alpen or McDonalds like before), she stopped begging for food at the table, and she went for her walks more readily. She'll sit for a treat and is well-mannered.

She's a clean dog with not a single accident in the home since arriving, and she gravitates to grass when possible. She walks really well on the lead and is easily pleased. I doubt she's been walked for enjoyment in a long time - at first she appeared to think as soon as she'd done what she needed it was time to go home. However, her foster has been pushing her to walk further and for longer and she's now doing 2 or 3, 30 minute walks daily, and now she gets excited about going out and even tries to extend the time by slowing down on the way back home.  She likes to walk on a flat surface as she seems unsure of steps, and she's not interested in other dogs, in fact she avoids being near them if she can. I wonder what she'd make of the beach, or if she's ever been to a beach?

Sadly, she is still nervous with strangers - she doesn't seem to know how to react or what is expected or wanted from her.  She likes her person/her people, and has no need or interest in anyone else. She's a solitary soul and would do best in a home with a person or two who would let her be herself and come round in her own time. 

We need a foster, a safe haven, from October 7th - November 4th. If you can help, please let us know or fill in the foster form here. Asia touched hearts in our intiial plea, and we want her to have the best we can give her.