Paige & Piper Need a Foster or Home

Paige is a German Shepherd, Piper is a Belgian Shepherd, and are both around 10 years old, ex-breeders, female and abandoned when they didn't produce any more puppies.

They were sent to an end of the road kennel, or "end of your life" kennel and forgotten! After years of loyalty and breeding for money, that's what they get. Thankfully, their friendly nature and desperate need for attention saved them - they were seen and now luckily for them in a safe place with us.

We would like a foster or a home for them both and no, not together!  If you are willing, able and ready to be loved to bits, there's a loyal dog sitting waiting for you. They've had health checks and amazingly don't have tick fever or heartworm, their blood tests are all good too which is really quite surprising!  

Paige has hair loss on her back feet and legs - probably urine burns - other than that a bit of redness in her ears, and her skin and her coat are fine. 

Piper is as healthy as can be!

They've had their first vaccinations, been wormed and had frontline applied, washed and groomed. Wow, what a difference a wash makes - they changed colour! In three to four weeks they'll have dental and desex, plus a second vaccine.

Please help us help them find a loving home and a person who deserves them, not a cruel user like the last so called keeper! They are both in a foster home now, but if you'd like to adopt, please click here for the adoption form.