We Are Looking For A Special Person for a Special Dog

Stan has been with us for more than a few months now, and we know that if he didn't have epilepsy he would have been snapped up and adopted by now.

He is in a wonderful foster home and has been more than well cared for, loved and treasured. But, all fosters come to an end and we are reaching that time now. His fosters don't even have the choice of whether to adopt or not - he can't fly which means he has to stay in HK when they leave!

He needs an understanding person/s who will not panic if he has a seizure, but will act quickly and do what is needed. He's on daily medication, and he doesn't have daily or even weekly seizures - he does get clusters over a few days though and then he's back to his usual sweet self. I'm not going to play it down or make out like it's a walk in the park - it isn't. It is, however, an amazing opportunity to help a dog who really can't help himself.  He's a sweet soul, a lovely character, and a gentle boy who loves company and his walks. If you can be the person he needs please don't hesitate to let us know!