$$ Needed - Help Us Send Gary to the UK

Progress: Gary is now in the UK!!

This wonderful boy was picked up after a year of living rough. He's such a smart dog - he befriended everyone he met and was a bit of a local "celeb". Sadly, one bad apple complained to AFCD which made catching him urgent. 

To cut a long story short, after weeks of trying he was caught - he was so dirty and he had worms and all sorts, but nothing that couldn't be fixed easily. He spent a while in kennels which he, and we, hated.


Next, he went into foster and thrived, such a clean dog - not a single accident and he settled, though slowly initially, and got used to life in a home. The cars, noises and stairs, the lifts, sofas and these things called rugs - all new, unfamiliar and more than a tad scary - he coped. He soon began to love his walks too!


We looked and searched and finally the perfect home came along, yippeeee!!! Our friends and adopter of Lulu said they'd really like a friend for her and Gary fit the requirements - male, medium size, easy with other dogs, lively and a couple of quirks thrown in = perfect. With three dogs in the family already adopted from us, it's a lot of money for a retired couple to ship a fourth to the UK. However, we have to make this happen because it's a home any dog would want, and in a place any dog would want to live. Acres of greenfields, a large garden and a nutty dog as a full-time friend, not to mention Poppy & Terry not that far away for back up friends!


Can you help us raise the money to get him to London? It will cost around $24,000 - that's our goal and as soon as 29th of August. His friend who brought him to our attention and his fosters have pledged already, and we are asking for your help too!

If you would like to donate our HSBC account is 848 525382 838 Kirsten's Zoo Ltd, or there are other ways to donate here. A tax deductible receipt for amounts over $200 can be issued on request.

Please, let's help give this dog a happy ever after home! ???

To those of you who donated your hard earned $$ to help Gary on his final journey we THANK YOU!

He was on a plane on the 30th of August at midnight heading to London, England.

He's the best dog and your donations have secured him a home any dog would want.

A special thank you to Wendy & Mads who have fostered and loved him like their own. 

I hope we can continue to save lives and find more homes for other lucky dogs in the future!