Rudy's Story

Rudolph first came to us after being given up by his trophy hunter owner. Imported from Canada as a young puppy, as he grew, interest in him waned and as usual, he was given away to someone on Lantau. He was happy and loved for the next few months anyway, though he had no training at all and as a large young, boisterous adult was quite a handful. Disaster struck and the couple were evicted which was followed by a life threatening illness and an inability to care for Rudolph lead to him being tied to a tree with a bowl of water and food during the day regardless of weather. He has food guarded ever since, as all he had to call his own was a bowl! Rudolph came to us mostly because nobody would take him, he was so big, strong and hard to handle. And so began the task of finding this extremely boisterous, manic, lush-coated and cold-weather Husky a home!

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Sam's Story

Sam was surrendered at 7 months old as the person who bought him soon realised he was not going to be an easy dog to care for; boundless energy and intelligence are two of many Border Collie traits. He was - he is - very affectionate and loving too.

I fostered him with a view to sending him at the first opportunity to a friend who had lost her Border Collie. Asap became 4 months as sadly after only one week with us he became aggressive with other dogs (only when walking on a lead). Off lead he was every dogs best friend, he played and was loved by virtually every dog we met. And yet as soon as the lead went on and we left the trail, dogzilla emerged!
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Gerald's Story

Gerald - this poor poor dog was dumped unceremoniously on a beach from a fishing boat, a rope tied around him and nothing more.

After years of being tied up and probably never walked he was finally released; no muscle at all in his legs so he was terribly wobbly. The worst case of cherry eye I’ve ever seen, his skin so dry it was flaking off in lumps. The rope had rubbed bald patches and his rear end was covered in paint. A mouth full of yellow teeth and elbows tougher than elephant hide – he was in a sorry state.

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Keanu The Kitten

Keanu was a wild little thing when he first went into foster. Then he started to hide himself from daylight and stay in the shade and shadows. He often looked as though he were squinting. His eyes had a strange look and on closer inspection it was discovered that he had no eyelids.

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