1 Year Anniversary for Eliza & Clover

A lovely letter to our foster and us for two of our happy, healthy cats 1st Anniversary!

"Dear Isabelle and Kirsten,

We just realised we have had Clover and Eliza for a year already. Gosh how time flies and how much they have grown and developed! Clover is very smoochy and much more social. Her character is an absolute delight! She amazes us with the way she climbs, opens doors. She can do a lot with her paws! She pushes and pulls objects as she needs them. Eliza continues to be our elegant one who loves to delegate to Clover, particularly with opening doors. She is very vocal and knows how to get what she needs. They both continue to be a big part of our lives. We moved to a village house with a rooftop garden. Eliza and Clover can enjoy the rooftop daily for a few hours. Most of that time they are supervised or on a cat run that spans the length of the rooftop or they are inside enjoying the living areas and stairwell.

Many thanks for your wonderful work and bringing these gorgeous girls into our lives.

Sincere regards,

Sue, Julian and Ruby"

They continue to be incredibly active, playful and always ready for adventure!