Stuart & His Happy Ending


He came to us like so very many - he'd been owned and abandoned in a park. He was, and he still is, a gentle soul - a bit shy and lacking in confidence. He went to a foster home quite quickly, and though his new family initially intended fostering only, as they knew they'd be leaving in a matter of months, they bonded with this stunning feline very quickly and made him a member of the family permanently. 

D-day arrived and they knew they'd have to leave HK and weren't sure if they could take Stuart with them. After a brief email exchange we offered to do anything at all to help get him back to the UK with them. We didn't have to, they did it all themselves and just look at this beautiful cat today. 

Read what his mum has to say...


"Hi Kirsten!

Wanted to fill you in on Stuart in the UK! We all flew back together on 2nd May after a 9 hour delay which was not ideal (Stuart was unfortunately stuck in cargo a lot longer than we had hoped). After worrying the whole flight we finally were able to pick him up in Manchester and he was absolutely fine! I was expecting him to be shaking! We drove back to Leicester, where he meowed constantly. When we got home we let him out in a small quiet room expecting him to hide straight under the bed like he did in Hong Kong but straight away he strolled out and has been exploring ever since! It's amazing!! It feels like he is a completely different cat! So confident and purring all the time and so loudly! He isn't even scared of strange voices now and comes and socializes when we have guests. And he has even been exploring in the garden and the fields... and seems he attracted a stray cat (we live on a farm) a beautiful black and white cat keeps appearing and when Stuart was faced with her he was very calm but she ran off so who knows what may develop there!

It was well worth the money and the admin bringing him back. He really does seem like a happy normal cat now! (He just needs to get used to the cold) He is already losing some weight with all the exploring so that's good! He even went up the chimney and came down covered in soot lol!"

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