Heidi - Ex-breeder Success

It's hard to believe that this is the same cat that arrived from a breeder who had no more use for her. Heidi was emaciated, covered in her own feces, with weeks of dirt caked to her face and fur. Her eyes were all gooey and her fur patchy and thin.


Today, after the love and care from fosters and her new forever family, a beautiful swan has emerged! Now called Leia, she is now full of energy, always ready to play and loves a cuddle too. She is why we do what we do - she's one of the lucky ones. 

Sadly Hank (Leo), who came from the same breeder, we couldn't save... no amount of love, money or care could give him his life back. I'll write his story soon - RIP Hank, your short time with us was special but way too short! 

The lesson? DON'T BUY FROM BREEDERS - you are buying into cruelty, pain and suffering!