Gabriel's Story

Before Christmas we rescued a pair of dogs, Gabriel + Gene, and since then they've both been staying at Kennel Van Dego. Not long ago, Gabriel was rushed to the vet and subsequently had to have surgery for bloat. The speedy action taken by our friend saved him from certain death, and he lives to smile, to bark another day!

The bill came to $42,500, none of which we paid, our amazing supporter and a true friend to every dog paid the bill outright.

Gabriel has made a full recovery and was reunited with his brother Gene almost a week later.


Gene had clearly missed his brother enormously - he was lost without him and spent those days pacing and waiting. These two are closer than ever, there's such a strong bond and they really do look out for each other. For this reason we haven't been able to find them a home - a single home for the boys to live out their days. They are together forever and we can't split them up.

They are beautiful boys and this experience has softened Gabriel, who was always the tougher and less people-friendly one until this happened. Now he's happy to go for a walk and even happy for a head pat too! At 11 years of age and having lived on a beach for their whole lives, they never got tick fever or heart worm. Their beautiful, thick, lush coats - now clean and shiny - kept them safe from illness, the heat and the cold.

If you are looking for a couple of older gentlemen, please consider them - they are special and truly deserve a special home to see out their days.