A Mini Update

Remember me? The tiny one who fell asleep in every lap or pair of arms!? I just thought I'd let you know how life is going living with Neil and Jess, and I have lots of photographic evidence!

I quite enjoy sleeping on the couch - that is one of my favourite things..... although on occasion I get excited and pee on it :)

Neil's stories are boring but his beard is fun to chew!

I enjoy hiking but it can be quite exhausting!

Water torture - I really don't like this!

Neil has smelly feet :(

Neil and Jess constantly taunt me with this other dog...

Walking is great now I have had all my shots - I enjoy doing the toilet in the middle of the road

Hugs are great on the coach - especially when Jess has had a glass of wine!

Being smuggled onto public transport..... nobody noticed 

The beach is great for digging but still not sure about the water..

Overall Jess and Neil are OK to live with, they feed me and seem very interested when I go to the toilet. I have a dog walker for when they are at work so I am never alone. Thank you for rescuing me and I will stay with these two unless someone with treats or toys comes along...

A few months later I got my own roof and opened up a boxing club: