"The King of Kennedy Town" - Dom the Pom's Story


Dom was a tiny old Pom boy dumped in a groomers. The staff had no choice but to wait for days and days in the vain hope that someone would come back for him but alas, nobody did!

We took him in and he went into a foster immediately, he hardly took up any space being so small. Even though he was confused, disorientated and probably scared he was sweet and gentle with everyone.

He was in a shocking condition, a mouthful of rotten teeth and both hind legs crooked from years of being caged no doubt. He had large lumps on his head and bronchitis which made him sound as though he would pass out at any given time. He needed more done than not done but it was really a question of what was most urgent!

Because of his age we worried about him under anesthetic but the teeth and the lumps had to go and fast.


The surgery went well and teeth and lumps were removed - thankfully nothing nasty was lurking so he slowly made his recovery. With hardly a tooth in his head and his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth, this little fella won everyone's heart and never complained. He was given all the love he needed and all the time and patience necessary to recover. Even his new dog friends made allowances for the little Prince, who took over the largest dog bed and most comfy place on the sofa. Even though he's the size of a teaspoon he has a personality the size of a mountain.

The little Prince started to gain strength and walk further than the 10 yards he'd been able to. He was fed good, healthy food, vegetables and natural supplements. He ate with gusto - his appetite tremendous.


When the stitches came out and the lampshade came off a new super hero emerged.............

Now named Flash Gordon, he zipped around and ran rather than walked - his little bent legs moving like the wind while Betty & Rocket watched in amazement. The King of Kennedy Town had arrived and the world was his to conquer! He was adopted just 2 days after being rescued by his foster family - and naturally he's treated like Royalty by all!


He pops back to see the staff at DOGGER who brought him to us and a friendship has built between us and the staff because of this determined, special little fella!

I hope we can save more like him and give them the life and love they so deserve! Merry Christmas to you all,  from us and Dom the Pom!