A Bill and Mui Mui Story

I'm sure many of you read their story and felt sad, as did we - well I'm very happy to let you all know that there is a happy ending and a new beginning for these 2 fortunate cats. Read on ....

Mui Mui is 8 years young, super friendly and affectionate, she's always purring - it's as though she wants to show how happy she is.


Bill, Mui Mui's black and white bff, is 9 and they have been together since they were found on the street all those years ago. He is more confident and a little aloof at times, but he adores his sister and it is very clear to everyone. They spend all their time grooming each other, sleeping and playing together - together forever!


Sadly their so called mum has dumped them and left someone else in charge of getting rid of them, no money for them, no roof over their heads, nothing! Thank God they have someone who loves them enough to do what's right and these 2 won't be left in the flat when it is emptied. They didn't know it but their lives were about to be turned upside down forever...

After the vet visit and health check we were desperately searching for a foster home for them. We had to give them time to adjust to so much and so many new things, all unknown to them. They were desexed and vaccinated, though we weren't sure when, so everything had of course expired somewhere down the track and so we started all over.

A new beginning and life for Mui Mui and Bill - that's what we needed.


We moved the 2 cats the same day we got them to a foster home with a view to adopt. This wonderful family came from nowhere and offered the cats a safe haven. As it turned out, the boy had a toy he called Mui Mui who was a ginger cat - the bond was already made as soon as he saw the photo, and the cats arrived in their forever home - for what we hope is the second and final time.

They settled SO quickly, we were all a bit surprised. Within a matter of days they were accepted as part of the family and, as you can see, are now loved and cared for, for which we are eternally grateful - thank you to Alberto and family.

A special thank you to Ashley who brought the cats plight to our attention and because of her they are happy and loved at last.