Gerald's Story

Gerald - this poor poor dog was dumped unceremoniously on a beach from a fishing boat, a rope tied around him and nothing more.

After years of being tied up and probably never walked he was finally released; no muscle at all in his legs so he was terribly wobbly. The worst case of cherry eye I’ve ever seen, his skin so dry it was flaking off in lumps. The rope had rubbed bald patches and his rear end was covered in paint. A mouth full of yellow teeth and elbows tougher than elephant hide – he was in a sorry state.

A visit to the vet revealed that he also had tick fever and scabies – as if he hadn’t suffered enough. Throughout it all, Gerald has been so calm and is such an affectionate dog – despite what has happened to him, he loves human company.

With some love and affection, Gerald began to improve. He gained strength in his back legs and was able to go out for walks. The one thing he craved was human attention and we quickly realised that for him to truly survive his ordeal, he would need to come out of kennels and go into a home. A difficult challenge to find a foster for a 9 year old abused and abandoned Rottweiler.

Our prayers were finally answered and Gerald was accepted into a foster home – a bath, eye drops, his coat in much better condition, eating and drinking well, off he went to what we hoped would be a long term home for him. We couldn’t believe the change in him – he was using legs that were totally useless in supporting his body a few weeks before!

Sadly he couldn’t remain in his foster home as he ended up competing with the other dogs for alpha male status. We are now looking for a forever home for our gentle giant. The transformation in him has been staggering – he walks and runs around now as if he’s been doing it all his life. He’s affectionate and loves human attention – if you are looking for a life companion then he really is your boy. Can you end this story for us in the best way possible?

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