One-Eyed William!

We took William on because he was in a terrible state. The story goes he was one of around 20 cats whose owner moved out and released them. Many of them disappeared and have not been seen since. 

When he arrived he had a mouthful of rotten teeth, glaucoma, the beginning of an eye ulcer as well as a detached retina, a swollen jaw which we thought may have been broken. He was covered in fleas and clearly in pain; which part hurt the most I can only imagine! With all of this he was patient and calm allowing himself to be examined, x rays, blood tests the list endless!
A week later he already looked and no doubt felt much better though he still had a long way to go - his teeth removed so he could eat without discomfort for no doubt the first time in a long long time. His eye, incredibly the retina had re-attached itself and the vet decided it best to sew his eye closed to allow the ulcer to heal, while resting the eye. 
One week later the stitches were removed and it looked as though his eye was going to be alright after all. He was prescribed antibiotics and went into a foster home to give him a chance to recover in a calm environment with lots of tlc from his new mum and her adopted 2 cats.
Sadly the antibiotics didn't work and after trying everything the eye had to be removed. 
William had his check up and bucket removed.  He looked pretty good with one eye, and did his best to adjust.  Initially he struggled to adjust, a little daunted as he was unaware when being approached by the resident cats in his foster home. It's not so much that they bothered him but his confidence had taken a beating as a result of loosing the eye.  Eventually the stitches were taken out and lovely William began doing all as normal. He was slowly becoming a real cuddle bug, he couldn't get enough attention. After all he'd been through he wanted to be loved. 
William became so comfortable he would roll around on his back with his legs in the air, head butting for attention and tummy rubs all the while purring like an engine.  He had no problem navigating his way to the litter tray - YAY William!  It was so good to see our little super hero finally on the mend, and still just as special.
He has remained adorably cuddly and a lovely companion to curl up with any time of the day and night. At only 5 years old he has a long life ahead of him and there must be a suitable person for our gorgeous boy out there, and so we continue to look.  If you are interested in adopting William then please get in touch!!