Cheppy's Story

Can you imagine at 12+ you wake up one day to discover everything you knew had gone. The people who promised to love you forever who you'd been with since you were 2 months old, the kids you'd seen since they were babies, even the younger dog - gone! This is what Cheppy had to face a few weeks ago ........

This is another of those awful cases that make you feel sick to the stomach and bring you to tears. I was told the deadline was 48 hours or the dog is going to AFCD, to his death. What do you do? You wipe your face, swear a lot and start looking for a solution, fast!

A solution came through - 2 lovely people who had recently adopted a dog through me, and whose dog was staying with me while they were away. They told me about Cheppy and asked if I could help him. I knew I couldn't possibly take another big dog in there was really no room, none. We had to buy some time and the lovely person who brought his plight to our attention and I worked it out so that he stayed in his 'so called home' for 5 days more until his adopters got back. We agreed that they'd take him and as long as he was ok with their dog he'd stay, if not I'd have to find him an alternative - no contest right?

It's not been easy for Cheppy from the start, not only did he lose everything but the move to Mid levels the more tranquil environment in Sai Kung he was used to was really tough. He had to move into the city, the noise, the hustle and bustle all so unfamiliar and confusing for this gentle dog.

A few months later he has finally settled, he's adjusted and done remarkably well it has to be said. He didn't eat for days, every food was tried - he wasn't interested in walking much either. He was clearly utterly depressed! His new family did everything and more to help him come to terms with his new life and home, I myself went to see him and walk him and mad Scooby his new brother. A helper was employed to be around and take care of him and slowly, oh so slowly, he began to eat and function.

I see him most weeks and he is amazing; strutting round like a 7 year old. This gorgeous older dog who almost lost his life has become someone's best friend and will live out his days with his family. Lisa, Stuart what you did was phenomenal and thanks aren't enough..............

To adopt a dog having never seen him because he was dumped at 12+ wow - hats off to you both!

Sadder still, weeks later I was chatting to a friend and mentioned Cheppy and his incredibly sad story, low and behold she herself had actually rescued him and his siblings as pups all those years ago. Her son had actually named him! Not only that but she as well as SSF had offered to take Cheppy in if no home could be found. Neither Kim nor SSF ever heard from his family again and had no idea what had happened to him, and not for the want of asking.

The owners hadn't even bothered to contact them, they were happy to just send him to AFCD to his death! Thank goodness there are still some decent people in the world or he would have been another statistic!