Keanu The Kitten

Keanu was a wild little thing when he first went into foster. Then he started to hide himself from daylight and stay in the shade and shadows. He often looked as though he were squinting. His eyes had a strange look and on closer inspection it was discovered that he had no eyelids.

He has a rare condition called a genius and this was Dr Andy's (Acorn Vets) first case. Keanu has had to have a skin graft to reconstruct his eye lids to minimise the hair rubbing in his eyes – the surgery takes place in 3 stages.

After the first stage of surgery, the eye looked pretty gruesome but healed better than expected. Poor Keanu finally had to accept that he had no choice but to wear his lampshade, because try as he may he couldn’t get it off! Once the stitches and eye area healed, he went back in for a check up – Dr Andy was very pleased with the progress. Whilst this is an expensive procedure, Keanu will be able to enjoy a normal happy life which makes it all worthwhile!

Dr Andy must be complimented on his sewing skills. Wow, those stitches are tiny and exactly the same size - just perfect.

Keanu did so well that his second surgery took place on Friday the 22nd May. As shocking as it may look Keanu is on the mend. In around 3 weeks he'll have the (we hope) final surgery and will then be ready to face the world and enjoy playing in daylight, and not stay in the shadows.

He will need follow-up care and vet visits but considering how he was, it's wonderful progress. He is already starting to play and not hide from the light. He is a really gorgeous little boy and will make a fantastic pet for someone VERY lucky - in a few more weeks he'll look just like any other kitten of his age and be ready to go to a new home and family! There's only one kitten with an eye lift, and his name is Keanu!