Update: Dookie

Dookie was one of the fifty animals we took from a hoarder a year ago. His chest partially bald and his feathers sparse and dull. Just look at him today...

His adopters hated him being caged but wouldn't clip his wings either. Clipping is dangerous and there's a high chance of injury, not to mention it's cruel! Instead they got him a harness which he wears happily and he flies around the garden enjoying the sunshine, observing the world from the trees between rainstorms in safety!

''He has brought us so much happiness, love and laughter''  xxx 

Stuart & His Happy Ending


He came to us like so very many - he'd been owned and abandoned in a park. He was, and he still is, a gentle soul - a bit shy and lacking in confidence. He went to a foster home quite quickly, and though his new family initially intended fostering only, as they knew they'd be leaving in a matter of months, they bonded with this stunning feline very quickly and made him a member of the family permanently. 

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Heidi - Ex-breeder Success

It's hard to believe that this is the same cat that arrived from a breeder who had no more use for her. Heidi was emaciated, covered in her own feces, with weeks of dirt caked to her face and fur. Her eyes were all gooey and her fur patchy and thin.

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Gabriel's Story

Before Christmas we rescued a pair of dogs, Gabriel + Gene, and since then they've both been staying at Kennel Van Dego. Not long ago, Gabriel was rushed to the vet and subsequently had to have surgery for bloat. The speedy action taken by our friend saved him from certain death, and he lives to smile, to bark another day!

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