Dog Adoption Day - 9th August - Tipping Point

Monty & Presley, Manx, Quiz, Pandora, Sam & Lulu - what a great dog week and day! It wasn't a really busy day but there were serious adopters and not lookers and window shoppers. We so needed this after an abysmal July, is the drought over? We really hope so ........ 6 dogs and all male went to homes - impressive!

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Dog Adoption Day – 12th July 2015 - Tipping Point

It's been a very quiet month so far though not without success. Roger rabbit and Opal the cat, not forgetting Sam the Border Collie and - saving the best till last - *Karma - all successful and found forever homes (or we hope so). We had a bit of a street party on Sunday, the atmosphere was great. Visitors with their dogs adopted from us over the past months and years. You know even though we had no adoptions, scary we have to take the good with the bad as it were.

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Cat Adoption Day – 19th July 2015 - Whiskers & Paws

Oh it was quiet - quite a few 'lookers' though not many real adopters, but then it is July as I said about June .... only August to go but we are struggling!

No surprises little adorably cute Percy went - of course all eyes were on him. Well one is better than none as they say and it also means another life saved! We've still got 48 and can't take in more until the numbers drop. We simply can't, we are in a bad way financially and if there are no adoptions, and no donations we are really in trouble.

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