R.I.P Ulric

Sadly our little man left us on Sunday at 11.30 am. He was doing so well after his heartworm treatment. He had a home, he was loved, adored by his family he even found love in little Zoe (one of the resident pugs). He had a bf in Elvis and for a few days he and Carter were friends - a very pug affair.

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R.I.P Mary

A sad day yesterday, we lost our girl Mary, she passed quickly, she was ready. Her body frail and weakened by infection. After her brother Bear passed she had a few good weeks and enjoyed time in the sun and rain in the garden daily. Sadly she just wasn't strong enough to fight the good fight, and is now reunited with her brother in a better place, pain free!

She's in our hearts and will always be remembered, sweet Mary. 

Thank you Dawn for giving her a happy end of life and a dignified passing. I'm so grateful for all you did and gave to make her comfortable, she knew she was loved to the end xx 💙

R.I.P Mr G, gone but never forgotten

Mr G sadly passed away last night, at the ripe old age of 20+ he died where he lived and where he was happy and naturally.

He touched many people and was famous in and around Bowen Road area, where we believe he lived almost all his life. A year ago we took him off the street because of ill health, and while he recovered we put him in a home. Well guess what: he absolutely hated it. He yelled and screamed and growled and made life hell until a unanimous decision was reached to send him back to home. 

Mr G considered home the steps and the area around them and that's where his shrine is and where he's laid to rest!

RIP Mr G - you brought many people together, loved and not forgotten.

Dog Adoptions - June 2018 🐕🏠

It's been a hot, wet month and with the World Cup taking centre stage we were happy for the few adoptions. Not everyone likes football thankfully and quite a few people came to say Hi and have a cuddle, with the dogs of course! I personally hate football, give me rugby any day and yet I seem to be a minority ......

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