Dogs for August... and a Bunny!


OK enough with the rain already its getting more than a little tedious aaahhhhh! Hardly great for dog adoption days but we have to TRY to be positive and look for the 🌈 rainbow ................

Let's start with a thank you to our volunteers, fosters and followers who make it all happen and give the dogs a chance - HUGE thanks from me for your continued support and to the staff at the Peak Cafe too!


Who found a home and who still needs one?


Akula - She made it as far as the vet and found a home before we even received her! How’s that for speed!

Ruby - We had thought she was making her way to the UK then bingo a wonderful home popped up. Ruby sold herself to her foster mum and to such an extent she has become her third dog. A better result we couldn't have asked for.

Trendy - Our third of four Greyhounds found a home and will be making her way over to Hong Kong next month. She'll also be one of three dogs and this loving dog will be part of a family at last.

Birdy - this actually happened last month, like so many others who have come to us and were moved on to a wonderful home. A bird home any birdy would want with an aviary suitable for each type of bird. 


Dogs who may be adopted or are on trial adoption


Bee - Our pretty little girl is off on her trial adoption, and we are confident she'll fit like a glove.

Bart- Lovable Bart has melted the hearts of his foster parents so it seems he has found his forever home!

Dogs most in need of homes 

Salvadore - he's big, daft, adorable and strangely homeless? What can we see that others can't? He's a special dog and deserves a special person/s and home. He's big but so what big is beautiful! Please give him a change at a better life, he's had a terrible past but it doesn't change him - he's a gift!

Sisi - Is looking for a home with or without another dog, she doesn't mind. She likes her routine and set times for walks, food, sleep sounds like me! At times  she's more like a person than a dog. In foster and as wonderful as her foster home is, all good things come to an end and we are searching for a forever home.

Aladdin - such a delight, always ready with a kiss and a waggy tail. His aim in life is to please and he's so smart you show him a couple of times what you want and Done! He learns fast and loves everybody he meets. He needs a permanent home somewhere to call home, a place to belong. Come and meet him and try not to fall in love with this lovely boy.

Coco - We think she's beautiful both inside and out, she bring a smile to us all. in a foster and thriving with other dogs. She's having a ball and would be happiest in a home with another dog or dogs. She's our shining star and we all love her to bits, can't wait to see who is lucky and adopts her - yes she's still available.

Harriet - she's a gorgeous, low maintenance, lovable little bundle with amazing quirks and energy - she would brighten anyone's day. With or without a dog or cat she's a darling and deserves a loveing family and home. To know her is to love her!

Tou B - our lovely bunny rabbit has until mid October to find her forever home - can you help?


Please come and see us on the second and fourth Sundays of the month at the Peak Cafe, 1.30 - 4.30 or you can send a message through the or faceboo k KirstensZooCharity, Instagram kirstenszoo or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - I hope to see you this month at the Peak Cafe.

Cat Adoption Day

After 3 years and the adoption of 300 plus cats it's time to say Goodbye to Whiskers n Paws and Hello to Pawtners. We were successful and know the success will continue at our new Adoption day venue.

Our new location is closer to our vet clinic Acorn, in fact it's just round the corner. It's easy for you to get to, and it's a really relaxed atmosphere! You can have a coffee or a cold drink while you look at our friendly available cats.  

Come and meet our friendly host Deki and see for yourself. We'll have cats and cat bowls, toys and litter trays and all at special prices to promote our first ever event here. A free bag of Almo Nature cat food with every adoption too.

Where: Pawtners 

When: 16th September 

Time: 1-4 pm 

How do you get there?  By MTR to Sai Ying Pun, Exit B1. Just cross the road and walk up about 20 yards !

To speed up the process you can fill in the adoption day questionnaire on the website or facebook KirstensZooCharity or Instagram kirstenszoo 

Let me know if there's a particular cat or cats of interest. 

We look forward to seeing you there.

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Cat Adoptions - July 2018 🐈🏠

We're in the midst of a long, slow summer but this is not reflected by the number of adoptions. No, it's not to be frowned at with 10 adopted and others on trial! We had a great adoption day, however too many coming in from homes. It was beginning to feel like 'dump a cat month' at one point - anyway we were able to help out a few, please read on ......

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