Kirsten's Zoo at WIS!

It must be near Easter and it's West Island school fair time YAY! 


When? Saturday, March 16th, around 11 am - 4 pm. 


Where? West Island School of course - we'll be outside the Victoria Road, Pok Fu Lam entrance with our puppies, goods and goodies!


Why? Because it's great fun and we need your help to raise funds and awareness for us. So pop in and buy something nice for your pet, make a donation, cuddle a puppy or all three.


We'll be there with lots of cat and dog goodies as well as puppies looking for forever homes.


Jackpot is also coming along to promote and sell his book for our charity - come and get a photo and his autograph! Help us help more animals in need!


Cat Updates (and a Bunny Update!) for the Month

We are having a drought on the cat front which is wonderful. If it's because there are less abandoned or in need all the better, but who knows? Anyway, as long as there are cats in need we will help if we can, or if they genuinely need help.

We were recently asked to help 30 cats and of course jumped at the chance until ......... we were told all that was wanted was free food, but we weren't allowed to take them to the vet, desex them or re-home them? That helps the hoarder but not the cats and that was that!


Without further ado, here are our lucky, adopted ones this month: 


Ms. Bunny - this adorable mini lop rabbit found her forever home where she's getting love and attention, and all the hay she can eat.


Flash - an absolutely gorgeous male kitten, though very sick with cat flu when he arrived. We didn't advertise him as we weren't sure if he'd recover. One of our experienced fosters took him home and nursed him, hand fed him and wrapped him in a blanket, and gave him all the love and cuddles he wanted. Since then Flash has gone from strength to strength and almost fully recovered. 

He'll have another check up this week and if all well his first vaccination before going to his forever home, unseen as yet by his new family. We're more than confident that Flash is the right kitten and they the right people🐱 

Thank you Lina & Alberto!


Frederick - after a bit of a rocky start health wise, he had one of the worst cases of ear mites I've seen in a while, inflamed eyes, lank, sticky hair and he was terribly thin. Whoever left him on a stairwell should be ashamed, he could have so easily been given to one of many charities. Thankfully he now looks like a million dollars having been cuddled, pampered and treated like Royalty by his fosters - without our amazing fosters our cats recovery would be a lot slower. He will also go to his new home this week and they have a dog who likes cats, lets see how Frederick feels about sharing. He's a real character so incredibly chilled, I suspect he won't acknowledge the dogs existence🐶 

Thank you Kacey & Robert 💕


Our cats who are still looking for forever homes:


Angus & Benji - not with us long and clearly a bit confused and detached, I suspect they didn't get a lot of attention before however they're getting that now and lots of interaction to try and get a few pounds off. Their lovely fosters commented that they may keep them which would certainly be a big win for the boys. Watch this space for an update and more. 

Thank you  Sue!     👍


Santa Paws though not adopted he may as well be he has really made himself at home and is SO loved. He and his foster have regular conversations, I kid you not though I can't say for sure what they find to talk about? They're happy sharing time and space, most evenings on the sofa in front of the TV is the norm for a cat who has been more than difficult. He's found his heaven and his angel.

Thank you Calla 💕


Enzo & Yudo - it's both sad and crazy that the boys haven't yet been adopted. Admittedly they have had interest but just not what we wanted for them. They're real characters with huge personalities, they compliment each other, protect each other the bond formed between these two x street cats is amazing. If it takes forever, we wait until we will find them the perfect home. They actually have that now with their fosters but fosters don't last forever and that's what makes it so hard! 

Kat & Matt, thank you 🙏


And of course, a big THANK YOU to Deki and Baymax for their venue, time, and help - we wouldn't be able to do it without them. 


January's Dogs

We are all happy to begin a new and more positive year, and we did that this month as our adoptions reflect. Nice to continue at the Peak Cafe with friendly faces and good Rosé ! Thank you to all you ladies for your service with a smile and for keeping the dogs watered and us with full glasses and great food too!

Thank you to Chloe & Gaile for designing, modeling and selling your hoodies to raise some funds for us - you guys are inspiring many. Checkout the photos and I look forward to working with you on a summer T.

Further thanks to Ivi & Jackpot for once again raising awareness and funds for us. You are to us all, an inspiration! 

A big thank you to Ashley, you do so much in so very many ways, you even make sure I eat and you tolerate Lili sitting on you and washing your face while you try to eat your lunch!

Thank you to Mongolian Treats for bringing your treats and giving your time, I know you have so little time. To Steve, Uriah Gallery for gorgeous photos and the continuous support.


So who got a home? 

Digby - no surprise his trial was over the day it started haha. He has a great home and gets to see lots of his friends, mad Mini being but one. He's a lucky, lovely boy and has kept his fan base too.


Faith - this adorable little x breeder, so gentle and loving it's heartbreaking to imagine what she's had to endure. Now very much in the past and her new life is a bed of roses, sweet smelling with nothing but kisses cuddles and love.


Fi - found in a park and with us for about 6 weeks we've still to hear her bark. Whoever had her clearly scared her so much she barely makes a sound. The home she has will not mind or care if she barks or cries that's a cert. In fact she can pretty much do what she wants and her family will understand. They love her and want her to be happy and forget her sad past. Her eyes are starting to show brightness, the sadness going bless her.


Fiona - she too an x breeder went on trial but the day she left with her new friends and didn't look back it was obvious she wasn't coming back. She fits like a glove and is having a ball running round like a mad thing. 


Fleur - another little treasure and also an x breeder she's in foster waiting for her mums return from a trip, the same foster who had Faith and are spoiling her. She has a loving home where she'll be doted on and also get to go for long walks and runs when she's strong enough. A bit different to her past life in a cage forced to breed for money!


Frank - so many wanted him without even meeting him and quite understandably so as he is a great dog, especially for a Corgi. He's full of life and personality. Playful fun and he doesn't bite or have any of the negative traits associated with Corgi's WOW. He's in a home where after having two dogs with behavioural issues they now have a dog who just wants to play. He steals shoes, socks or whatever catches his eye and he's off. So glad you finally got the dog you so very much wanted.


Who needs a home? The list is endless with lots of new puppies ............  

Fuzzy - found together with Fi he's a little slip of a thing and SO easy, he doesn't bark 100% toilet trained and very happy to meet ad greet anything with 4 legs, including my cat! 


Fabian, Fraida, Fraya, Felix - all cute like you won't believe and completely different in colour and character. Adorable puppies and gorgeous all in foster and they'll be ready very soon and at our next adoption event. You can of course meet them earlier if you fill in and submit an adoption form ........... 


Fran she's adorable and loves her new life in foster, another x breeder. The attention she receives wherever she goes is lovely and all she deserves and more.  


Gandalf, Gerda, Giles, Guiness, Gretel - the siblings of the 'F' puppies. Yes a litter of 9 and so different one to another and the common factor? They're all gorgeous and in need of loving homes! Like to meet them ? They're all in one foster home I kid you not, our incredible foster parents are having quite a laugh while the pups get a new start and hopefully a new life.


See you soon - 10th and the 17th at the Peak Cafe, Shelley Street. Our puppies and more will be there - will you? I do hope so. Fill in an adoption questionnaire on line and speed up the process:


Cats for January 2019: the first month and we're off to a great start

Happy New Year to one and all. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and time with family and friends! It's a new year and we've started well with almost no cats; in fact, the lowest number since the charity started. If we had the same situation with the dogs wouldn't life be grand!


The lucky ones this month - We took in three kittens found in Sai Kung and they've all found homes.


Flora - the tabby was snapped up as expected just from her photo and she is loving her new home, life and all the attention for herself! She's a particularly stunning kitten with a personality to match 🐱


Ewan - he went to his new home after many offers to adopt him. We waited and we believed the couple who took him will suit his personality and he theirs. A win-win! Sorry to disappoint so many, however, we have to do the best we can for each and every cat! He's just gorgeous and has blossomed though still shy and not keen on noise of crowds - for him, a crowd is 4 people, but he has his quiet life and home and is happy😼


Marmalade - she was taken off the street after her friend Rolly was picked up. She missed her friend, however, after they were reunited the bond had already been broken. Both cats were fed for the longest time by the same people and when they took Marmalade home they weren't sure what to make of her. She wasn't a happy bunny and struggled to fit in with the resident cats, foster cats, and the household. However as is so often the case with rescue cats, time heals. She relaxed with each day and became happy, comfortable and generally content, at home I would say! That's exactly what it is as she'll be moving to the U.K in 2 weeks! She has everyone and the cat she loves with her 😽


Yahtzee - one of our most beautiful cats though still very scared of people, she LOVES cats. Well where she's going to live is pretty much cat paradise. Egbert is just one of the cats living there and there's more love and caring in that home than you could ever need. Way to go Yahtz and thanks again for adopting yet another cat from us. 😻


Sassy - this sweet little girl has been through a lot having had a chronic case of ear mites which went unnoticed for months. Her ears wee so bad they had to be flushed. Sadly, this has left her deaf which would explain her sometimes erractic behaviour and fear of humans. She's ever so fortunate that she found herself in a home with one of our adopters who has saved a few scared cats and dogs. Once again, she's been allowed to take her time and come round and the fearful pretty little girl ventures out and about to see what's going on in the other rooms. 😺 


Felicity & Fernando -  we thought they'd been adopted, but a strange twist of fate changed that. Black cats are beautiful and nobody ought to consider a colour over personalities. Better for our little ones as they've landed a wonderful home where their colour wasn't even mentioned. In fact, the only thing that was mentioned was "How soon can we pick them up, we love them" and that was from a photo only! 😸



We have few cats again and life is good. Only 4 newbies this month and only one left and that's Frederick, a lovely cat indeed and has interests. I doubt we'll have him next month. 


I want to thank our amazing team of fosters who give unselfhisly and repeatedly. They not only give up their time but so much more; they love those in their care and show it time and time again. Also our repeat adopters who have come back to us and continued to support us and our little quadrupeds. THANK YOU!


Cheers to Deki and Baymax at PAWTNERS for making us welcome and allowing us to do what we do so well. Thank you Emma, Vivien, John, Joanna, and Ida. See you next month and every third Sunday of the month or fill in a form and drop us a line if you can't make the adoption day.


23 Dec: Dog adoption Day and the Last of the Year

The last adoption day of the year and not without success, I'm thrilled to say! We are all hopeful that 2019 will be a great year for our animals and friends, followers, fosters and volunteers alike. We plan to continue with two dog adoption days a month and possibly do a puppy day too at PAWTNERS and three fun sale / mini adoption days at teakha. More to come on that next week - January!


Who has a new home ?

Cherry has made her way back to her very first foster home and family; she had no idea that Boxing day was going to be such a special day and the beginning of a new life. 🎄


Our cute puppy Ed was adopted the previous weekend and was at the adoption day with Emil for moral support- what an adorable duo🐶


Harriet the best of three - finally she was adopted and by me! I couldn't bear to see her overlooked again and so my little fat, dumpling Harry is to stay! I love her to bits .



As expected loads of interest in Elzan, but because of his quirk he is still with us and we are trying to work through the problem - fingers crossed🤞


Who are we hoping will have a new home soon? Well all of our dogs of course!

Digby looking amazing and enjoying his daily hikes, is more than ready for his new home and life. We just need to find the right fit, and someone who loves long walks.


Dinky, we hope to see in a home quite soon and though it may be a trial adoption, there's no reason why it won't become a permanent situation.



The three E's - Edward, Elmo and Elvis the 3 Doggeteers + Emil 

Four boys and something for everyone! They (3) walk well on the lead and love to go out and see the world. At home they'll happily play and cuddle up and nap. Adorable boys all available too if you'd like to meet them drop me a line.


Edward who is as bold as brass, and fearless too. He is by far the most confident - I love this puppy, he's such a character.


Elmo is less bold but equally adventurous; he is of course playful and fun and looks almost exactly like his brother Edward.


Elvis is the most calm of the three boys and looks different to his brothers too. 



Emil, though not related to the above, he is Ed's brother and a sweet, charming little guy and as cuddly as a puppy can be.


Rocky is a gentle boy who loves to cuddle up to you on the couch. He is such a docile one and will melt your heart.


Ms Maple the wonder dog, she has come so far and is improving all the time. She has huge ears and loves life and everyone she sees is a potential friend. She's quite strong and will need someone who can handle her which is actually easy as long as she gets plenty of exercise and play time. 


Martin, we were surprised to see Cherry go before him, but it just goes to show you that you never know what's just around the corner. He's such a happy boy and we know his day will come and soon. We want a friend for him though as he is so very social and loves his 4 and 2 legged friends equally.


If you'd like to see any of our dogs, fill in an adoption form and we'll go from there. All the best to one and all for 2019 - see you on the 13th & 27th of January at the Peak Cafe, Shelley Street, Central for more adoptions and happy homes for our quadrupeds in need!