Art by Evania x Kirsten's Zoo Fundraiser

💕 A huge thank you to our dear friend Evania of Art by Evania 💕


For the next 6 months 40% of each commission/portrait sold will go to our charity.

100% of the proceeds collected goes back to our animals. 🐶😺


She is extremely talented - please do check out her website:

... and follow her on instagram! @artbyevania








Pupcake - winner *Carlito* and runner-up *Max*

And the runner up of the Wooffit 'Why I Love My Dog" competition is ....Max!

He has won a 5'' Wooffit Pup Cake to share with his friends, though I doubt very much he will share. Custom made all natural ingredients, no artificial flavours or preservatives.


And the winner of the Wooffit “Why I Love My Dog” Competition is...Carlito

He has won a 7” Wooffit Pup Cake to share with his friends. Custom made all natural ingredients, no artificial flavours or preservatives.

The cake is probably bigger than he is.


Thank you to everyone who sent in their gorgeous photos and if you'd like to treat you dog to a pupcake - check out


Here are some more of our favourite photos, they speak volumes. All rescue dogs in wonderful homes and a second chance at happiness 💕




Let's Talk Cats - July

It's been an interesting few weeks, putting it mildly, what with the erratic weather and ongoing situation with demonstrations. As expected it has had an effect on adoptions with far fewer people adopting or even fostering. This is very sad not to mention worrying .

We had a terrible month with very few cats going to homes, take a look ...........


Charlie - at last the beautiful Charlie found her forever home and has made herself more than a little bit at home. She has a new name and is loving the attention she receives almost 24/7. She's a real telly addict too and will watch anything that's on while cuddled up beside you.


Jelly & Jam - As expected our two little treasure are happy and loving the space and comfort provided, not to mention great food and attention. Two very fortunate kittens and a home any cat would be happy to be in.


Julio & Jupiter - Like the above 'J kittens' they're living the life and have made new friends and playmates too; we love how rapidly and readily they settled in. I wish our older cats could do the same. Another amazing home to match the little cuties.


Karl - He has been through the wars with flu, infection and more; however, he bounced back and came out smiling. He'll be in his new home very soon, next week as the adoption is confirmed. He has had the very best of care and I have to thank his fosters for that who kept him safe, did everything and more to nurse him back to health and it paid off since he's more than tripled in weight. He is the cutest adorable little creature



New cats


Kiki & Kristy - They're coming on nicely and lets face it it can't be easy having never lived inside before. It takes time and time they have; they'll both be desexed and vaccinations etc done and then more time ......... we are hopeful they'll be ready for homing in time 🐱 


Leroy - he's a very handsome boy. He was beaten and cruelly treated and rescued by the same person who fed and saved Kiki & Kristy. He's now in a foster and learning to trust; he isn't aggressive but he is standoffish and understandably so. He'll get there - he's made it this far and never mind how long it takes, he's ours and he'll get there when he's ready.


Lucy - a pretty cat and we're waiting to see if she wants to have a cat friend or not. Great with humans however the resident cat isn't a fan yet. Lucy certainly isn't looking to befriend her just yet either. If it doesn't work, if she doesn't fit that's fine, she'll easily find a home and she's ready!


Who else do we have - well here's a few if you'd like to take a look at........


Lovely Larry, who is becoming a cuddly ball of fun - on his terms of course 😺


India & Iago, the young kittens who missed out on two homes as we had younger models 😺😺


Immy, the kittens mum and a stunning tortoiseshell who will be someones bff - soon we hope 😽


Iggy, such a gorgeous boy - love him (it's hard not to) 😺


Idris & Iliana a perfect pair though a bit on the fat side right now - on a diet 😹😹


Bobo & Xiao xiong, they may be older but they're also a delight to be around and would make anyone happy and calm 😻😻


If you'd like to see / meet any of our cats please check the website and complete the questionnaire if you'd like to foster or adopt.

I look forward to hearing from you, lets hope things calm down generally and we'll see you at Pawtners next month!

Karishma’s Party and Fundraiser

Our friend Karishma, invited us to attend and bring a few dogs along for the afternoon to her birthday party. We were all, of course concerned about the weather for good reason as lets face it we all know it can rain 🌂at the drop of a hat 👒.

Well to our amazement it didn't rain, not for longer than about 4 minutes yay! 



We had a laugh with the kids who loved hanging out with the dogs, walking and playing with them. They asked a lot of interesting as well as curious questions which kept us on our toes. The food was delicious, lots of vegetarian nibbles and summer drinks followed by a cake which was to die for! The dogs got a special cake too, nobody was left out at this party!



Over the space of the day I talked about the charity, answered questions and received a positive response. A huge bonus - $29,600 was generosity donated by Karishma's friends and family. We were stunned by the kindness shown and our cats and dogs 




For me the highlight of the day was meeting a little girl who was terrified of the dogs, it was heartbreaking to see such fear in a child. She was standing on a wall, white with fear, completely terrified of Lili my little Poodle.  

I spent time with her as did our volunteers and of course Lili and slowly things changed. It was like watching the leaves falling off a tree as she became less and less scared. By the end of the day, she was proudly walking with Lili on the lead, stroking her too. Of course Diva Lili loved every minute of it and was proudly strutting around with her new friend.


Huge thanks to Karishma and of course our amazing volunteers - Andrea, Tammy & Sue - you did us proud ladies! Not forgetting Wally & Boo, Gerda and Diva Lili - great job!

July... it's Wooffit Month!

💚For the month of July we at Kirsten's Zoo have a special treat for dogs adopted from us  🐾

We want to introduce you to Wooffit Pup Cakes for your four legged best friend....


Special occasions like your dogs Birthday, Adoption day or for absolutely no reason at all just because they deserve it. 🐾  Every cake is made with fresh premium ingredients which are totally safe for your dog and the secret ingredient is of course, that they are all made with love 💖

Send us a photo with your Kirsten's Zoo dog and their name and a few lines telling us why you love your dog 💕 Dog Chef Kellie will choose the best photo and they will win a Homemade Wooffit Pup Cake tailor made for their pup 🐶

Get your photos ready and email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 💚