Help The Montreal Pitbulls

On Tuesday, September 27th, the unthinkable happened:  the Montreal city council voted in favour of changes to its animal control bylaw, passing with a vote of 37-23, the second most sweeping Breed Specific Legislation in the Country.  The community of Montreal is distraught, as it opposes such a bylaw which has been a failure both historically and scientifically. As of October 3rd 2016, no one in the city of Montreal is entitled to adopt a Pitbull, meaning that all Pitbull or “Pitbull-type” dogs that are stray, in shelters, pounds, or foster-based rescue organizations are at risk of euthanasia – regardless of their docile temperament." -One Last Chance Animal Rescue Team

Please sign this petition to join us in fighting for the innocent lives of animals that we can save together.

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Thank you, friends, for joining us in fighting injustice and animal cruelty.