It is happening again so please fellow dog owners try to avoid areas where there have been cases and share if you have heard of other incidents.

Keep your dogs out of streams and waterholes and don't let them drink stream water. Even that may not be enough as it is suspected some dogs contracted it from walking on pavements or from licking their feet after walking in affected areas.

So if you have been in wild areas or affected areas: you need to get your dog into the vet on first sign of - not eating, vomiting, nausea, lethargy - anything not the norm. It is better to be safe than sorry.

There is a vaccination in HK but it offers only limited protection as there are many more strains of the disease.

This disease is very quick and you have to act fast or it will kill and at heartbreaking speed.

Recent cases:

Scotty lives in Mid levels and walks on trails there.

Charlie got it on Lantau (Mui Wo area).

and another one yesterday from Kennedy Town.

Perhaps a friendly vet would add some more authoritative words to this posting stream.

Cara Ng would you mind pinning this alert for a while.
Kirsten Mitchell has been following the actual cases.