Discovery Bay Food Fair - 25th February 2017

DBIS Food Fair - go along and show your support today meet the puppies and make a new friend.

The event is from midday until 4:00, booth outside the school on the grass where you can see our puppies Roxy and Horris. If you are looking for a new family edition then look no more.

Petition For Pets To Travel On The Eurostar

A friend and animal lover living in the UK has asked for our help.

Please share and sign, there's only a small number of signatures still needed and we can help!


"Dear all,
I've discovered another petition about pets on Eurostar.

Here’s the link:à-bord?utm_medium=email&utm_source=notification&utm_campaign=petition_signer_receipt&share_context=signature_receipt&recruiter=662828618
I've signed - will you all sign as well? It will only take a minute! 

A Christmas Special

We don't usually do this sort of advertising, but our friend and follower has an interesting offer - she has two apartments both in prime locations in TST. She's offering them both at an excellent price, and if you have pets you'll get an even better deal!

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