Cats for July –

With summer flying by and Christmas fast approaching, yes Christmas 😲, the one consistency for us is the increasing number of adoptions. As long as we have cats available, we will continue to do what we do.
The large majority of our adopters are failed fosters – I love this! It’s always interesting when I get a call from a foster asking to adopt, especially when its someone who was insistent and had no interest in adopting! Then they do 😍
Though adoption days feel very much like a thing of the past, we remain cautiously optimistic about the future so stay well and if you are looking for a cat, please check our website 🐱 updated every Monday and Friday.
Naomi – such a lovely cat, she was desperate to be cuddled and loved. She got the cuddles, love and so much more. She now has another cat to play with too, a truly happy end and I hope the last move🐾

Pia – it took a very long time for little Pia to find a home, about 18 months. Her lovely mum agreed with all the uncertainty right now it was only fair to adopt her, to give her a permanent home. A happy girl little Pia is her mum and feline friend too. We NEVER give up on our cats, they stay with us until a perfect home is found❤️

Rebecca – our petite, black beauty found her home and a mum who adores her. She gave us quite a scare last week when she wen’t missing for 30 hours. Her poor mum, and me too were freaked out and flummoxed by her disappearance. To this day we have no idea where she was, other than somewhere in the flat. As she disappeared, she reappeared as if by magic🐱

Taylor – I love this cat she’s such an absolute Princess and the home she has is so fitting, she rules her kingdom! Hard to imagine that a 14.5-year-old, blind cat would be abandoned in such a harsh way. It did her a favour, as she found so much love and happiness🐾

Tiger – had a horrendous beginning with all manner of injuries and we were concerned he wasn’t going to pull through at one point. Thankfully his amazing foster made repeated vet trips and nursed him back to the gorgeous cat he is today. Thank you for saving his life❤️

Tiny – we were all thrilled when little Tiny found her forever home (for the third and hopefully final time) and you can see from the photo how happy this adorable cat is. A perfect end to a sad situation, it’s terrible that so many pets are being left behind through no fault of their own🐱 way to go Tiny.

Tony – our biggest cat all 9 kg of him, he came from Dubai originally. He found himself a home to suit and suit it does. He loves having someone around almost every hour of everyday and it’s not to do with Covid. His mum runs her business from home and doing that plus entertaining Tony is more than a full-time job. Tony has learned to play fetch; he brings back the toy and rarely tires of this game. Leaping into the air and diving over the furniture he makes it look so easy. He doesn’t have an outside space but really doesn’t seem to mind. Another wonderful failed foster yay🐾

Twinkle – a happy cat and a very happy little girl when Twinkle went home. The family dreamed of a cat and she came with the name Twinkle, the photos say it all. It makes you smile to see the happiness a cat can bring❤️

Valdis & Valen – they went to their forever home and are living a life of luxury. They have lots of space and are entertaining the new family. First time cats maybe but they all seem to be doing really well🐱

Valerie – one of 3 x breeders, this one is simply charming. Needless to say, she’s charmed her way into everyone she meets heart. She was very popular and her fosters felt that way too and couldn’t give her up🐾

Valentine & Virgil – adorable duo and they’re so much fun. I know kittens are adorable but the fact that they look like a mirror image can only add to their appeal. Adorable and adored as all cats and kittens ought to be❤️

Velma & Viva – Veda their mum, gave birth to 5 of the prettiest kittens. 3 gingers and 2 tabbies. These 2 were the first to be adopted and continue to thrive, play and love life in the place they call home🐱

Venus – was very popular because of her breed mainly, but also her cute antics. She’s going to London at the end of the year irrespective of cost, she’s family, she’s loved and she’s happy her miserable life as a breeder a thing of the past! I love the photos and updates I get regularly.

Vera – though shy at first, she really started to open up and blossom once she settled in and her foster played with her. Once she moved to her home and began her new life with Ralph, the resident cat things have just got better🐾

Vernon & Violet – an interesting duo (Vernon is Veda’s 5th kitten) they get on so well and though they’re not related they are definitely best friends. They look for each other if separated and are an absolute delight❤️

Walter – one of my favourites as he’s smart and gorgeous too. He followed someone home after being abandoned and there his new life began. Adopted by his foster after much deliberation, as they wanted to be sure they could give him the best of everything for the rest of his natural life. It’s so good that he was able to stay as it took him a while to get comfortable and then he took over 🐱

Willow – another x breeder cat, we’re hoping she’ll become Naomi’s bff as she needs a friend as well as her humans. A delightful, happy, pretty cat indeed🐾

Winona – also an x breeder and one of the friendliest cats and such a love bug. She can’t resist a knee to climb onto or the sofa for a snooze. She’s landed on her paws and fits like a glove. She gives as much love as she gets, a perfect match❤️


Hamster – Archie 🐹 what a great pet a hamster makes. The kids are spending out of school time building Lego structures with tunnels for him to run round to get the fruit🥝 or vegetable 🥕waiting for him after his journey.

Rabbit – Commet 🐇 she’s a gentle, adored bunny. She’s also taken over the home and made her way into everyone’s hearts, way to go Commet!

Turtle – Bumper 🐢 he’s had his own pool built in the garden and I’m sure he’ll end up with a friend or two! From a little container to his personal pool. Ah life is good for some turtles. / KirstensZooCharity / kirstenszoo – you can find us and complete the appropriate questionnaire. Stay well and safe!