Jefferson or Ollie – Another in our care and in need of help

When we got Jefferson, he looked like any other dog. He’s a very friendly, gentle dog though not a fan of cats!

The photos that follow, however unpleasant, show the extent of the problem. Jefferson suffers from Pemphigus foliaceous which is severely aggravated by sunlight.

It started with a patch on his nose and before long, patches appeared on his body and finally his hair had to be shaved off, revealing the extent of the problem. To date, his hair hasn’t grown in, and his skin is as thin as paper.


He loves going for walks which incidentally was a nightmare initially, as he couldn’t go out when the sun was up. Suzanne, our volunteer, bought a swamp jacket which keeps him cool and the sun off. Unfortunately because his skin is so thin the coursness of the jacket started rubbing his skin and causing it to bleed. His kind foster mum sewed a thin towel to the inside of the jacket which solved that problen. Then our photographer Zen bought him another lighter weight jacket so he has a change of outfit as well as allowing him to look like any other dog going for a walk!

His ongoing costs are substantial, and at a time when we have no fundraisers or adoption events to bring in some much needed cash.
I know many people are unsure of the future, I think we’re all unsure however I have to try to help Ollie, that’s what we do. He really needs help, and deserves it and a loving home too.

If you’d like to make a donation our HSBC account is 848 525382 838 Kirsten’s Zoo Ltd – tax deductible receipts available for donations over $200.

Stay well and thank you🙏