Diamond is friendly with those she knows but even then, on her terms. She’s one of our sanctuary cats and a stunning dark tortoiseshell. She seemed to be over licking her stomach and she stopped running around or moving too. On closer inspection a large lump was visible we got her to the vet and it was a tumour which had ruptured.
After x rays to check whether it was cancerous and if so, it had spread, I was much relieved to hear it hadn’t and surgery was possible. You can see the size of the scar and imagine how large the tumour was, incredible she could conceal it as it was old and had been slowly growing.
Thanks to Dr Tony at Acorn she’s out of the woods and now recovering in a foster. As expected she hates everyone and is hiding as much of herself as she can. In about 10 days the stitches will be removed and she can go back to her friends and have a huge sulk before going back to her daily life and routine.
Her surgery will be expensive and we have many older, abandoned cats and dogs having surgery this month (Man man, BB, Zippy, Zelma, Trinity & Marlene). We urgently need to raise some money.
If you can give, we’ll be very grateful indeed. Our HSBC account 848 525382 838 Kirsten’s Zoo Ltd. Thank you in advance and to our volunteers for continuing to take care of our cats and dogs too.