Man Man

In the video, he’s had his first surgery to unblock his bladder, he was unable to urinate. The surgery went well, he appeared to be recovering. Eating and quite bright after 5 days in the clinic however he wasn’t allowed home as he wasn’t urinating and still had the catheter in place.
In the photo after the second surgery.
On the 1st of October Man man stopped eating, clearly unwell. He had further surgery which showed his bladder wall ruptured. After the vet repaired the wall, a feeding tube was inserted as well as a catheter to help him with his recovery.
3rd Oct, Man man isn’t yet eating by himself nor is he urinating properly either.
Our lovely senior cat has had a tough time of late and it’s not over but we are truly hopeful that he’ll get there.
His bf and lifelong companion, Shun shun, is lonely and certainly is most certainly missing him.
The boys were supposed to move to a new long-term foster home, alas not yet ………..
His bill is enormous and we are asking once more for help to cover costs.
Our HSBC 848 525382 838 Kirsten’s Zoo Ltd or check the website for other methods.
Thank you for your generosity and support.