November Dogs – who found homes and who are still looking

It’s been slow as you are no doubt aware, we like every charity are all looking for foster homes and permanent homes. We have a holiday nipping at our heals and we urgently need help with our dogs and cats. If you can help please email whasapp 55951933 I’d love to hear from you.
If you can come to our adoption days in December on the 8th & 22nd you can meet our dogs in need please open you hearts and doors and make a dog feel loved and special.


So who found homes ……….


Juliette found a wonderful home and is settling in beautifully. I’ve seen her with mum n dad and she certainly does look like a dog with a home, it’s the loveliest thing to see. We are so happy to see her in a loving home, she’s such a beautiful soul. Way to go Juliette, enjoy you so deserve it!



Kevin has landed on his paws and is living the life, he’s SO loved it’s ridiculous and he has a big floppy, friendly dog to play with too and they are bff. Everything we wanted for him is exactly what he got plus more.
He was going to be euthanized when he was a puppy because the resident dog attacked resulting in him loosing an eye. The then keeper couldn’t afford to pay the huge vet bill and chose to let him go. Thankfully the ladies in DB stepped in and saved him and we all celebrated I can tell you!


Monty has an unusual though sad story. He was left in a garden when the family moved out. The neighbour climbed the fence after hearing him bark and cry for days, he was hungry and confused and we took him in. Such a lovely dog though so so scared of being left alone which is no surprise. Monty’s adopter never expected to be a dog owner, not yet however when it was his birthday the only thing he wanted was to foster a dog even if it was just for a few days over the holidays. I chose Monty as I thought he’d be a perfect match and bingo it was love at first sight. The result being he’ll be flown to New York where he’ll stay until with his adopters parents until their lease is up and they can get a larger place and a full time helper to look after Monty. This is what some people do for their dog and it’s just adorable!


Pudding finally landed in the U S after a grueling, lengthy 2 day journey which included 20+ hours in the air and over 12 hours drive. Not many dogs would cope with such a journey but I knew our Pudding pie could handle it and she did. A bit confused and perhaps dazed however once she got out of the car and into her huge house and looked at vast wilderness outside the garden I think she gulped ha ha. A new world and family who love her and more space than she could have ever imagined. From a sad existence and being tied up to Montana, a very fortunate girl.


Zoe oh she’s such a sweet little girl. It all happened very quickly when she sadly lost her family and everything she knew. I had 4 days to get her a home before her family left which seemed like a very short time indeed. I remembered my neighbour mentioning he had had a pug and his son still missed the dog. I asked, he said ”yes, I’ll pick her up tomorrow” Wow Christmas came early for Zoe. Next night was Halloween and unbeknownst to us it was the boys birthday too. What a surprise, a very happy birthday – the look on his face 😊 yay. I see Zoe frequently and I now see a waggy tail and a smile on her adorable little face.




Dogs on trial – 


Norman – he’s boisterous when meeting other dogs but inevitably wears himself out. Now on trial adoption and we are hopeful he will calm down and realise his home is forever.




Bubbles – one of our latest additions and a big, gentle softy who loves water, playing with other dogs and just being a dog. She’s a sweetheart and a gentle loving soul. To see her is to love her.
Ollie – it’s really hard to say anything negative about him he’s a good boy but needs time to settle in and relax – I’m not sure he’s a fan of cats though with dogs he’s fine.


Odessa (black n tan) & Opal (tan) – two of five puppies only 8- 9 weeks old, we were able to take and hopefully home them. Presently in a foster home and loving the comfort, warmth, good food and attention they’re receiving. They were so lucky to be rescued from a container truck stop where so many are killed as they can’t get out of the way  and the trucks don’t slow down. It’s a very dangerous environment. They’ll be our Christmas puppies but they’ll be loved and we will find them loving homes however long it takes.




Dogs still looking –
















Narah, Nelah, Nelly and more …………


Please come and give a dog a chance of a new life, have a Christmas drink with us  🥂 ho ho ho