Dogs for this month

Well hello I hope everyone is safe, well and not going out of your minds with boredom? Not something I have suffered that’s for sure, busier than ever and all very positive since I can’t go out to eat, drink or shop!
Though the world is in turmoil we ought to try to remain positive and keep plodding on in the hope that when we do go back to work and life as usual. When will that be I hear you say ? Errrrr….
It is inevitable and I truly hope we have a better understanding of how to treat people and animals alike in the future.
We had a few adoptions and it’s lovely to see so many people offering to foster, so many have longed for a four legged friend if not to adopt then to foster. Enormous thanks to all of you who offered. Though not everyone suitable to adopt, you can’t go back to work and leave your four legged friend home alone for 8-10 hours. Can you imagine how miserable it is for a dog who has become used to having you around all day to suddenly no you and no day time walk?
Bubbles – Bless her our biggest dog finally won over her dad and is staying. She had so many interests alas when the virus hit the offers disappeared. Bubbles is SO happy and where she ought to be, where she’s been for the past 6+ months.
Hugo – We’re still waiting to hear when he will be moving as his new family are waiting to move themselves. Whatever the date he has a great home, he was one of our most popular dogs as he has such a lovely nature and a great singing voice too HAH
Opal & Odessa – Our adorable girls with the biggest ears and personalities to match, finally found a home. The girls LOVE children so life is looking oh so good for our girls and they get to stay together Yipeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sadie – sweet Sadie melted hearts and is also staying with her foster mum. It’s lovely to see the older dogs finding homes as they are all too often overlooked. Sadie has her own group of friends on Lamma already and loves her daily romp on the beach and a cuddle.
Savannah – like Sadie, Savannah is 8.5 years young and she too melted hearts. Dad was a walkover as he’d love any, every dog. However to win mum over now that was never going to be so easy and yet …. Our sweet girl large Marj (new name) did it! YAY she has her paws firmly on the sofa! Way to go Lauren your first dog and way to go Marj!
Sophie – I completely fell for mummy when I got her out of the kennels, her oh so sad face and eyes. I think she was quite relieved to get away from her boisterous boys ( Theo & Thomas) and grab a bit of sleep, some peace and quite. She wen’t into a foster and days before she was supposed to move her foster couldn’t let her go. She saw and felt the same as I, that face. Sweet Sophie stays and this time lets hope it is forever!
Stewart – our second oldest dog at 12 landed himself a fabulous home having been given up in this latter years. I just don’t know how anyone can do that! Things often have a strange way of turning out and it was the best thing ever for Stewart. He now has pearly white teeth, fresh breathe and people who adore him and will NEVER give him up. In many cases an abandoned animal gets the best home!
Zorro – he’s our eldest, our smallest and a gentle boy at that. He doesn’t have to share anything and no more having toys hurled at him either. He’s a VERY VERY happy little guy and after a thorough health check apart from creaky joints, a couple of dirty teeth and partial deafness he’s probably better than most his age.
If you are interested in adoption, fostering please check our website / face book KirstensZooCharity  / instagram kirstenszoo / email
We, like many of you are waiting to hear when we will be able to have our next adoption day. Until then enjoy the lovely sunny weather and make the most of the time you have at home with your pets.
We have lovely puppies & adults too. Old and young with one thing in common – they’re homeless. Perhaps you can’t foster or adopt but can you donate $$, toys, leads / collars -all can be put to good use.