Our friend Karishma, invited us to attend and bring a few dogs along for the afternoon to her birthday party. We were all, of course concerned about the weather for good reason as lets face it we all know it can rain  ? at the drop of a hat  ?.

Well to our amazement it didn’t rain, not for longer than about 4 minutes yay!



We had a laugh with the kids who loved hanging out with the dogs, walking and playing with them. They asked a lot of interesting as well as curious questions which kept us on our toes. The food was delicious, lots of vegetarian nibbles and summer drinks followed by a cake which was to die for! The dogs got a special cake too, nobody was left out at this party!



Over the space of the day I talked about the charity, answered questions and received a positive response. A huge bonus – $29,600 was generosity donated by Karishma’s friends and family. We were stunned by the kindness shown and our cats and dogs



For me the highlight of the day was meeting a little girl who was terrified of the dogs, it was heartbreaking to see such fear in a child. She was standing on a wall, white with fear, completely terrified of Lili my little Poodle.


I spent time with her as did our volunteers and of course Lili and slowly things changed. It was like watching the leaves falling off a tree as she became less and less scared. By the end of the day, she was proudly walking with Lili on the lead, stroking her too. Of course Diva Lili loved every minute of it and was proudly strutting around with her new friend.



Huge thanks to Karishma and of course our amazing volunteers – Andrea, Tammy & Sue – you did us proud ladies! Not forgetting Wally & Boo, Gerda and Diva Lili – great job!