Our cats have been enjoying the summer holidays as many fosters have had holidays and have chosen to stay in Hong Kong. It may have been slower finding homes mostly due to it simply being summer; however, it isn’t important when they find homes as long as they do. We can and will wait as long as need be.


Who found homes ?

Iggy – we were very worried about Iggy. He was so very scared when he came in having lived in the ceiling under the tiles from being a young kitten then trapped and caged for the following year or more. His time in foster improved with the introduction of another cat. He went from strength to strength and now is a complete love bug spending his days lazing around on the bed no less with his pal Shadow (who was Dulcie, also one of our cats).??

Larry – another gorgeous ginger who stayed in his foster home! His mum couldn’t give him up. When you see his photos you’ll understand why –  he’s pretty gorgeous and is now a very happy cat.?


Lucy – lovely Lucy was with us awhile longer than we expected, nothing to do with her I might add, but the situation here in Hong Kong has impacted adoption events making it more difficult to see some of our animals. She’s happy now and in a happy home and being spoiled as we expected. ?


Mick – our cute, cute,cute ginger boy stayed in his foster home and we all guessed he would. He’s such a cute, cuddly affectionate cat who quite likes a chat I’m told.?



Milo –  yet another ginger cat and male. He’s a lovely gentle boy, FIV positive but doing ok on antibiotics while we wait for him to gain weight, which will lead to his much needed dental work. Watch this space for more news on our gentle boy.?



Mimi & Mindy – we had to move them to a more experienced foster and they are already doing much better. They have a way to go but are now happy to eat if you are in the room and they will wander around though they keep you in sight. Watch this space ………??



Murat – he’s a stunning marmalade young boy who, abandoned with Mick we believe, loves attention but is scared of noisy children (when they cry or scream) and he’ll run for cover. Friendly most definitely perhaps happiest with older kids or none at all.?


RIP Hershey – tragically having brought her in from the street we found out she had FIV – that in itself is not a problem. Sadly, she developed further ailments and didn’t recover ..she simply wasn’t strong enough. Poor girl is in a better place now and that’s the only way we can look at it.


Pia, Immy, India & Iago, Idris & Iliana, Leroy …………… like to meet them?



Thank you to Deki & Baymax at PAWTNERS and our amazing team of volunteers, fosters and followers who make it all possible. Stay safe and well and hope to see you soon.

If all goes to plan we’ll be at PAWTNERS on First Street, September 15th, 1 – 4 pm where you can meet out cats in person. Please check the website for full adoption day details, available cats for foster & adoption as well as our questionnaires: www.kirstenszoo.com