Another month and a few more lucky cats found loving families which is really what it’s all about. I have to say there do seem to be fewer adoptions which is sad, however, we have to just keep plodding on and doing the best we can for our 4 legged friends in need.


So who got lucky this month ?


She was a surprise adoption but like all adoptions very welcome and she’s settled in so quickly. She is enjoying the comforts of a home and all that go with it. I think having another cat helped her a lot too.
We got her at the same time and from the same place as Kiki, they stayed together until they were adopted. Kristy had her special day last week and we, like her family, couldn’t be happier.


Such a lovely kitten and we hope she’s a keeper as she had the worst possible start, whoever left her in a cage by the road ought to be ashamed, however,  she found a great place and a friend who looks almost identical.


No surprises there, these 2 were adopted unseen and went to their new home just the other day after their quarantine period and first vaccination was done. This family waited a year for the right little ones and it really is a perfect match.

Mork & Milly

We have some newbies too and lets hope they are s lucky as those above  – 
4 x breeder cats, all very pretty though a little scared of course as life in the big wide world can be scary when all they’ve known is a small cage for years. They’re in need of loving homes – Nancy, Nicole, Norah, Nana – you can read more on the website.


A cute little ginger boy in need of a home – you can also see him on the website or face book KirstensZooCharity or email


Who still needs a home ?
We still have, Sweet Immy, Val, Milo, Maddy, XX & Bb, Mimi & Mindy, India & Iago + Mr Hoppy, Leroy and Pia – all in need of the right person to say ‘Yes, I’d like to adopt that cat’

Immy and Val

Milo and Maddy


XX and Bobo , Mindy and Mimi


India & Iago + Mr Hoppy, Leroy


Next adoption day is on the (3rd Sunday of the month) Sunday the 10th and 24th November at PAWTNERS 113 First Street, Sai Ying Pun.
Hope to see you there and only two more to go before the end of the year.