On Saturday 24th June, Jeremy ran The Lantau Base Camp 14km Sprint Race and raised a lot of money for the animals of the zoo!  We are truly humbled by this and couldn't be more appreciative. Hats off to you - way to go Jeremy and I hope you inspire and motivate others into action!!

"Dear Kirsten,

In a moment of madness, last weekend I embarked on the Lantau Sprint Race in what can only be described as terrible conditions.  The South Lantau trail was awash after the recent typhoon and heavy rains that followed, and the heat on the day made for hard work.  Out of 305 people that entered the race, there were 224 finishers, 7 non-finishers (timed out), 2 disqualifications (not sure for what) and 72 that didn’t make it to the first check-point.   

Overall, I managed to drag my 205lbs over the line in 189th place, with a ‘finish’.  I was also 16th in the Men’s over 50s category out of 19 finishers, 2 non-finishers and 5 that didn’t make the check-point.  My official time was 2:54:40, which was slow, but ok considering the hot weather, people jams and the wet slippery course, complete with waterfall crossings etc., clocking 14.48km as the total distance.  It was mostly enjoyable and straightforward, but very happy to finish, and not to be last!  The attached photograph was taken at about 9km into the event and shows how happy I was at that stage.

You’re probably wondering why I am telling you all this? Well a number of people in my Office didn’t believe that I would start, let alone finish the challenge that lay ahead, so out came my sponsorship form and a mention of what I consider to be one of the most deserving charities in Hong Kong, namely Kirsten’s Zoo.  My colleagues were generous, and having completed the course, a total of HK$6,600 was raised.  Please find attached details of the payment into your HSBC account (Account Name: Kirstens Zoo Limited.  Account Number: 848 525382 838). 

I take the opportunity to thank you for your inspirational work with the various animals in need that come into your hands through no fault of their own.  You do a truly remarkable, selfless act in putting them back on track with the proper health and care in place.  Your efforts in the animal community are very much appreciated.  We hope that this contribution will at least help in some small way for you to keep up the good work."