The weather was perfect and made for a truly great day, the photos are proof of the pudding. I laughed so much and er no it wasn't alcohol induced I didn't touch a drop honest!
The atmosphere was relaxed and bubbling as was the sparkling Rose that went down well I noticed .
Winston and his partner in crime Scruffin were the live entertainment for the afternoon! They stole and swallowed anything even remotely edible and had absolutely no qualms about sticking their heads in bags, boxes or pockets to get at it. Oh yeah they're both dogs in case you wondered!
Some pretty good costumes for 2 and 4 legged attendees, amazing sewing skills there! It wasn't easy to pick prize winners and I'm glad I didn't have to do it. We did make sure that everyone got a gift / gift bag,  pie and drinks, so everyone was a winner.
There were some pretty spectacular hangovers too. The best three went to Vicki, Sally and Marcus. I was impressed they were even there let alone functioning! Check the photos and tell me if you can spot them?
I have to say thank you to our sponsors who made it a great event - Whiskers n Paws in particular.
The biggest thanks have to go to our amazing volunteers and friends who helped us put this event together not to mention make it a huge success.
My biggest thanks go to Vicki without who it wouldn't have happened, cheers Mrs. 
John and Joanne who organised and coordinated the legalities and the volunteers - no small task I'll tell you. Sophie for your generosity and help organising the walks and logistics.
Steve and Catherine for your amazing photographs wow!
Sally for the games, and all the volunteers who played a crucial part in making it a fantastic day out for everyone. Thank you all for your time and encouragement!
Last but never least our friends, fosters, followers and their furry friends, thank you! We aren't sure exactly how much money we raised yet (still coming in). However I think it's safe to say it will keep the wolf at the door for a couple of months at least.
Hope you'll all join us again next year for another Howl-O-Ween Waggy walk - Kirsten