Lydia and Cleo

We were thrilled to bits when Lydia our sweet girl was finally adopted, and happier still as it was her foster family Sue & Doug. They already had an adopted dog from us, Cleo, we never thought they’d take another dog. We were over the moon but not as much as Sue who received Lydia’s license for her birthday! Cleo has always been Doug’s dog; she was his Christmas present the previous year.
They are like twins and have picked up each other’s habits, good and bad! The one difference is perhaps that Cleo never learned to pose like this and subsequently she has no cape and can’t fly either.
The time has come to say Bon Voyage to Cleo and Lydia. Lyds as she’s affectionately known is readying herself for her flight to Burundi, Africa on Tuesday. Modelling her Super dog cape in her strange though usual pose!
It has been a tough week indeed and one none of us would like to repeat but the outcome is as it ought to be. The whole family will be heading out of the Territory next week.
From all of us at Kirsten’s Zoo, we wish you happiness in abundance🐾💕. I have seen and walked with Lydia & Cleo almost every day for over a year. I will miss them terribly, especially Lyds who jumps on me and wipes her paws on me daily and gives me kisses while Cleo gives me a snooty look.