Meet Rich our fourth greyhound, looking for a forever home

Meet Rich, our fourth greyhound and the largest of the four, weighing 73 lbs. Though I suspect he's gained weight since his first weigh in. It was the day after he ran his final race and the last race ever in that God forsaken place, Canidrome. He apparently was a champion and won many races which is why his owner wanted him to go to a good home and approached Cognacs' adopters to ask for help finding him a home as good as Cognacs. He could see the care, the attention and love she received and Trendy and Rich came under our wing.

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Update and upsetting news for the Greyhounds!

Another blow - It seems the Macau Government has insisted all 500+ Greyhounds be desexed within 60 days AND on the Canidrome premises!

This is such a bad idea at best, they lack the necessary sanitary conditions as well as recovery facilities. 500+ dogs all with wounds and stitches in the heat and elements: it could be fatal. To make matters worse there will be NO adoptions until after the 60 days.

Can anyone tell me the point? Is this the best they can do, it's absolutely ridiculous?


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'Greyhounds 2 HK Homes' Update

I thought it time to give an update as the situation in Macao is changing / has changed yet again, read on .............

For those of you who have kindly donated there's now more than enough to cover the quarantine for our two dogs Trendy and Rich. And there's more: Trendy has found a home and will join Cognac and Winston and make her way to HK in a couple of months time, YaY! That leaves Rich and we are pulling out all the stops to find him a forever home too, I'll be updating his photos and edit after his weekend visit from Kathleen & Patrick.

We are waiting and listening to the events of the day with the dogs in Macao but one thing we know for sure, they are as safe as they can be and their future looks bright, they have a future! Anima & AFCD have been in discussion and dogs can still come to Hong Kong, however the process and steps are different again. If you are serious and wish to know more go to the link below and follow the steps. We will continue to do whatever we can to rescue more, however the kennel space situation is now near bursting. In the meantime THANK YOU again, you've helped us save lives - 

Kirsten, Kathleen & Patrick.

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Ruby countdown.... and then it all changed

Ruby has said goodbye to part of her family (mum and the kids) a sad farewell as they flew out! She went to stay with family friends until her departure on the 11th. However things changed as she made herself very much at home, it was as though she had always been there. She fit like a glove, loved mum and the resident dogs and after a lengthy discussion it was decided that she'd stay and live out her days where she was born.

Ruby charmed her way into heart and home - she has a new family and is settled and loving life! 

I have contacted all but one person and all money will be returned to those who kindly donated. We cancelled Ruby's flight, enormous Thank you to you all!



Help us raise funds for 'Greyhounds 2 HK Homes' 🏠

Over 600 Greyhounds are in need of homes after The Macau Canidrome finally shut its doors for the last time! This is largely due to the tremendous efforts of Anima Macau and its supporters worldwide.

Our mission is to save as many of those Greyhounds as possible by finding adopters and sending the dogs to Hong Kong for a new life and beginning. 

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