Happy New Year

To end 2021, we’d like to share some updates with our supporters, fosters, adopters and of course volunteers.
While it has been a challenging year, we’ve had many successful adoptions, and rescued many more, all who continue to be loved and cared for whether in their forever homes, or foster homes.
We opened a 2nd cat sanctuary to save the last 11 of the 31 cats rescued. Some of the cats from the initial intake are in foster homes, learning and loving what it’s like in a home with love and good food. They have the freedom to walk around, run and play. Geraldine, Garrett, Gertie, Gavin and Gilbert are in foster and ready to be rehomed while Gordon and Gorgeous George are adopted. The cost has been huge and is ongoing.
Jenkins, who needed an eye removed, has been adopted and is loving life with a family and children His surgery was 8k. While Kiki, who had a hind leg amputated, has gone from being scared and even aggressive to loving cuddles and enjoying all the affection you can give her. She’s looking for her forever home, and if you want an amazing friend, look no further. Her surgery was 12k.
The 6 kittens with terrible skin issues who had a rough start to life, are now in pairs and in foster homes. They are all affectionate, playful, and adorable.
Knight is not out of the woods yet but doing well – he has Heartworm and tick fever, while his friend King, who was surrendered with him, has Heartworm. Both are in foster homes and their treatment started, but they have a way to go. King’s treatment will be around 15K, while Knight will be nearer 25k.
Last but never least Heidi, our 50kg Caucasian Shepherd, who is now in foster and so very happy it would make you cry. Her basic desex surgery and the basics was 8.5k.
December has been a very expensive month for us with so many surgeries and over 20 cats and dogs all with large vet bills.
We’d really appreciate any donation you’d like to give – HSBC 848 525382 838 Kirsten’s Zoo Ltd. Pay me, PayPal – please check the website https://kirstenszoo.com/donate/. We can issue a tax-free receipt for $200 and above.
Many thanks to you all and thank you for fostering, volunteering, adopting and supporting us.
An enormous thanks to Acorn Vet Hospital. Dr Tony, Andy and Joe are the absolute best, and their staff too, who have done so much more than you can know or imagine.
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!
From myself, Kirsten and our amazing volunteers.
PS: If you’d like to volunteer at our new cat sanctuary orin other areas, please complete our volunteer form, https://kirstenszoo.com/volunteer/cat-sanctuary/.