Finding Mui Mui (Edith)

Mui Mui, Edith was trapped in Pok fulam at the end of April this year. After health check and update she went to a foster in Discovery Bay on the 6th May. Sadly, after only one night she ran off, the attempt to trap her failed and she bolted and wasn’t seen again for one week! To everyone’s amazement she turned up in Mui Wo an area unknown to her!


She was tracked and frequently seen around the Nam Shan Campsite where further attempts to catch her failed. With the help of a handful of kind people food was left daily and she ate well but eluded capture.


Mui Mui was pregnant and disappeared once more to give birth, tragically we never found the puppies and we can only assume they didn’t survive. She continued to come for food throughout the rainy season and intense heat.


Cameras were set up to track the direction she was coming from as well as check the time. She frequently changed her route and time making it far more challenging. The next attempt to trap her was in process when once more she disappeared. That was in early September, we’ve had not a single confirmed sighting since!


Posters hung but any possible sightings have come to nothing, we need your help!


If you see her, she may be with a young black and tan male… PLEASE call Irene 91272554 (Chinese) or Kirsten 55951933 (English). Her bright red collar does make her stand out.