Eggy Update

A little update for those of you interested in Eggy.
Some good news, the vet was able to save his eye even though he has no sight at all and will need eye drops off and on.
In the first week of June, we’ll know if all the work and physio has paid off…… watch this space.
Eggy has a very full diary these days with daily physio 3 times. However, he still manages to find time for other important and necessary things too!
Take a look at Eggys’ life today – and once again a HUGE thank you for helping this happy puppy live to share his life. More to come in June …….
He goes for a walk (a wobble) thrice a day and has finally started to enjoy it.
More exercise with a bit of ruff and tumble with Bryan, who is very gentle and never touches his back legs.
Daily destruction of anything in sight, or not. Today a flipflop and a whole newspaper score!
Posing, pretending ‘It wasn’t me’ honest!
‘There’s never a dull moment living with Eggs, he’s an absolute joy’. ‘He loves everyone and his little face allows him to get away with murder’. His foster told me; I wonder if she’s seen her flipflop?
He looks like any regular dog at least while sitting or lying down but you can see how much he’s grown just from his sweet face.