Dogs for Adoption

Wishing everyone a very Happy Year of the Ox 🐂 I hope the new year brings good health and a positive future and year for everyone. 
It’s been a busy few month with many new animals coming in for one reason or another. People’s lives are changing everywhere and almost daily. Sadly, too often pets are in limbo, we’re being asked to help foster cats and dogs until a place on a plane can be found or loved pets are being given up. These are difficult times indeed however there are some good luck stories to share.
Special thanks to all our volunteers behind the scenes, our team of fosters, donators, friends, followers and of course adopters! Without you we couldn’t do what we do 🥂 Thank you!
Let’s focus on the lucky ones who found homes first ………
Andreas – we had this charming boy for much longer than we expected and I’ll never understand why anyone could say ‘I don’t like the look of him’ and yet someone did. After that he had no interests until the last couple of days when 2 adopters and the foster all wanted to adopt. Wow, as we have a ‘foster first policy’ our gorgeous boy is staying put yay!❤
Belle – pretty little Belle wasn’t with us too long, no surprise as she’s just the most adorable puppy. That little face and wrinkled brow 🐾
Beryl – no surprise she didn’t leave her foster home even though they initially didn’t want such a small dog. Little Beryl worked her magic and is now queen of the household. She’s won everyone over, can’t not love that little face❤
Biggles & Brazil – a wonderful surprise that they got to stay together and they’ll be heading to the US in the summer with their family (we hope)💕
Blitz – another of the 7 puppies and a great home once more. He’s such a funny little guy, you can’t not want to pick him up and cuddle him🧡
Brigitte – was so skinny when I got her and yet so gentle. It took a few weeks to get her weight up in order to desex her. She hadn’t eaten dog food and it wasn’t easy to get her interested in it. Today her bones well covered, her coat before so dull, now so shiny – she looks like a loved pet because she is! Thanks to her foster family Eileen and husband who gave her so much and lost a lot of sleep in the process she’s now a very happy dog🐾
Bryan – he looks cute with his floppy ear. What a lovely dog he is and adopted after only 3 days, no surprise as everyone who met him commented on his lovely nature❤
Fei jai – was quite a chubby boy to say the least when he arrived. Today he’s a slimmer, more active dog who loves his walks and can’t get enough. His foster became his adopter in a very short time, it was love at first sight🐾
Marlene – she’s our GSD Milly’s mum, and to our surprise was adopted before her daughter. Having seen Marlene and her mum they certainly are the perfect fit. Marlene is such a dear, amazingly well behaved, loyal and loving. At last, she’s in a home and out of that dreadful kennel❤
Meena – she came out of the same kennel as Marlene and after many months in foster was adopted and is living the best life with 3 cats, adopted from us. She has a spacious home and a large garden too – the photos show her cuddled up with mum and the cats and it’s just gorgeous to see this picture-perfect family, more so after 10 years in kennels🐾
Nicolas – a very handsome puppy with interesting markings and colouring which make him look like he’s permanently smiling. He has a brother to annoy and entertain. They play, sleep and eat in rotation and oh he can now go out for walks so we can add that to the list of things to do❤
Rudolph & Jingles – in foster for but a few days before being adopted. They are the largest of the puppies by between 1 and 3 kgs. Like all the other puppies they are friendly playful and impossible to get hold of ha ha they never stop moving💕
Stanley – he was meant to stay with his foster family as they really loved him from the minute, he arrived in their home. He wasn’t the easiest puppy tbh but he was so fortunate his mum n dad worked hard to get him over his fears, they trained him and he’s a confident well behaved young dog. Thanks to their hard work and patience🐾
Velvet – she’s so beautiful with her shiny coat and doe eyes. She landed on her feet too as her mum n dad actually moved flat to a bigger, more spacious place for her. I kid you not ha ha❤
Vemo – our youngster found in a car park tied up has a great home. He has two dogs to play and learn from and a family who love him. They weren’t sure about adopting a male dog having only ever had females. I insisted they meet him and give him a try and they loved him and very quickly couldn’t resist him, and so he stayed. Way to go Vemo 🐾
Wilbur & Wanda – abandoned in their twilight years and thankfully adopted soon after. They joined 2 much younger GR’s who they have learned to get along with. I am so thankful to their adopter who really did give up space and part of his heart to adopt 2 elderly dogs in need💕
Zac – certainly was the perfect match for his new adopters. They have a very timid dog who Zac has helped in many ways and mostly with confidence. He’s a ray of sunshine on a dark day and a great therapy dog too❤
Zelda – she was so very scared and unable to do much more than shake and hide initially. Her fosters worked tirelessly for about 6 weeks to help gain her trust. It worked and she started going for walks, short walks initially then longer ………. she became far more confidence though still a way to go.
She was unexpectedly adopted by our friend/follow who adopted many from us, including a ridiculously confident cat called Al and a 3-legged GSD who is now Zelda’s best friend. She’s a very happy, loved dog and all that hard work paid off – this is way we not only need but can’t survive without fosters!🐾
Zen – Zelda’s brother was also very lucky, his initial foster did the ground work for foster family number 2 who became his adopters. He was terrified and I really did have serious concerns about him initially. Alas with the help of those around him, like an onion the layers came off and a fun loving, affectionate gorgeous boy emerged. Another success and a happy ending for this adorable boy!❤
Oats – he’s still on trial adoption however we’re hopeful he’ll stay put. His erratic behaviour, nips, ankle biting and general bad behaviour has improved however it hasn’t yet stopped. Little white Poms are not all like this, but he was horrible treated and beaten. He’s a product of a cruel dog owner with no clue or understanding of dogs. Thankfully his foster mum is just wonderful and accepts the toe biting which starts as soon as her feet touch the floor. There’s the right person for every dog, way may have found Oat’s person! 😈
A sad farewell to 4 of our dogs.
RIP Ollie, Sato, Trinity & Wilbur. Three of the four senior dogs who had had unpleasant lives until they came to us at least had loving homes right to the end. Ollie though not a senior dog or adopted was loved and cared for when he passed, thank you Rita and your family.
Who is still available and in need of a home?
Blue – presently being treated for heartworm however she’ll be ready to join the world in late March-April when she’s fully recovered. She’s a dog who will make someone very happy……………
Buttons – the last boy of the 7 puppies I took in. He’s such a smart puppy, he can even skateboard – I can’t can you? If you can perhaps this is the puppy for you! He’s also a very handsome funny boy with a fun-loving character.
Cher – what a beautiful soul she is however after being ignored for years which is such a cruel thing to do to a dog. Now in foster and enjoying lots of time, love and cuddles which is heaven for her. Her daily training involves walking past the dogs in the area and hopefully not react.
Jolly such a little cutie, and the last female puppy of the 7. She’s great with anything or one she meets. A real little charmer and a puppy you can’t help but want to cuddle and snuggle with.
Lydia – the wonder dog as she’s affectionately known is still looking for the home. She’s a high energy gal and needs someone to keep up with her. She’ll run as much or often as you and when you get home she’ll curl up on the sofa (given the chance) and snuggle and snooze until you’re ready to go again. She’s a very special dog and needs a very special person. Loves dogs and would do best with another dog.
Marble needs a foster home  he needs a place with an outdoor space, it doesn’t have to be huge. He just needs a place to retreat to, to get used to living in a flat. Stairs no problem but he’s never been in a lift and it may be too much for him to deal with. Nelah found a place which suited her perfectly and now I hope to mirror that for Marble. He needs time, experience, patience and understanding can anyone give him that please ? When you win his trust, you’ll have a friend for life
Milly – she has her quirks; her likes and dislikes. She’s a shy, loving dog but needs time and lots of it to adjust to new things, surroundings and people too.
Nelah – she’s amazing however that’s how she is in foster. You’ll have to have a dog or two and cats no problem. People maximum 2 and an outdoor space to retreat to and relax. No lift or high floor for this lady – most importantly LOTS of patience and time.
Podgy – such a great dog and yet he’s not adopted why? He’s a genuinely sweet, lovely dog with a big personality and he’s friendly and willing to do pretty much anything to please you.
Polly – the last of our new dogs and a little treasure. She’s in foster with me and loving the time she gets to spend with my dogs and cat too. She gets so excited when I open the door an it’s walk time and she charges out, tail wagging like crazy. She greets every dog with a lick and a waggy tail. Her confidence growing she’s almost ready to go out and face the world. She would do best with another dog and minimal or no time alone.
Zippy & Zelma – watch this space for more news on out two little gems!
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