Dogs Adopted over the Past few Months

We’ve been as busy as ever, sadly more animals coming in than going out but we have to go with the flow. Holiday time is upon us though I’m not sure what that actually means?
If you are going on a real holiday do tell what that looks like?
Like most NGOs a day off sounds blooming great, and as for a holiday I really don’t remember what that is ? Haha 😍
Moving on to our adopted dogs …………..
Oats – our little demon found himself a home and we were literally ecstatic. He won the heart of a special person who has learned never to place her feet on the floor straight out of bed? Why there’ll be a little white, fluffy monster lurking to nip those toes. He has a lovely side too but he’s not always willing to show it.
Buttons  a very special puppy and skilled too. He learned how to skateboard which not every human can achieve let alone a dog. A great puppy and he landed a home to match and is now entertaining his family with his antics.
Blue – she was, she is a beautiful soul and landed herself the perfect home. She didn’t like being alone and as she had heartworm; she couldn’t do the lengthy walks with the resident dog. She was lucky to have all her needs met as there was, is always someone there for her helping her overcome her fears and anxiety. Now fully recovered she’s fit, healthy and able to walk as much and for as long as her friend.
Lula – the lovely Lula, she had to find a new home as one of the family’s allergies worsened. She found the perfect home and gets to spend most part of everyday with her new mum. She goes for long walks and enjoys going to restaurants and more. A happy ending and dog!
Didi  adorable little one with more toys than a shop. I think her new name is Honey? Since she’s as sweet as, not to mention the colour of.  Adorably cuddly, funny, happy not to mention lucky puppy who was rescued before being sent to Taiwan for breeding. She’ll never know how close she came.
Dinky – the smallest puppy I’ve ever had, thus the name! Rescued along with Didi this tiny Yorkie puppy was snapped up and whisked off to a new forever home where she’s taken over the household. Small dog with a BIG personality and a larger dog friend to entertain at home, or is it boss around?!
Lydia – one of my forever favourite dogs was finally adopted. It took almost 2 years but worth the wait as she never had to leave her foster home. Her beautiful personality and the fact that she loves to cuddle on the sofa sealed the deal. I miss her I saw her every day for our morning walk with the other gang of up to 12 dogs at times. Now having fun in Burundi 💕
Candy – Candy was adopted quite quickly which was surprising given her age and condition at the time. That plus the fact that the adopters already had a Frenchie who they knew would not be impressed, and they were right. Candy (another bossy dog) took over, beds, toys you name it. However, the resident dog coped and they’re doing really well now, thankfully!
Cher – she took quite a time to settle, to accept the resident dog, to learn to share and to not try to demolish other dogs in her space. She’s certainly not 100% there yet, however only on the last part but she’s coming along nicely and preparing for her trip to the UK in the not-too-distant future.
Milly – our stunning and youngest of 12 GSD we took in has stayed put and her fosters have worked wonders. To see is to believe the difference in her truly. This scared, reactive confused dog now joins us at adoption days and sits quietly with a sweet smile. She waits patiently for her dad, and mum of course, to give her the que to go home.
Polly – she has such a sweet personality plus she’s a gem with other dogs and cats. Would be happy anywhere as long as it involves long walks and mad play sessions with her brother Bryan who lives round the corner. One of our easiest ever, fully toilet trained after day 1 and not an accident since. Impossible not to love her, she kisses every dog she knows when meeting.
Tamara – such an easy dog and for a first-time family she was a dream. Of course, she’s not perfect she has her stubborn moments when she’ll sit down and not budge! She has a strong personality but is still a loving dog and happy at last.
Jolly – I was personally very happy to see her stay with her foster family, she was so happy and already very much attached to everyone and especially the resident dog. She’s a stunning young adult too and as sweet as ever.
Elise – what a beautiful dog she is and she got to stay in her final foster home where she fit like a glove. She even wormed her way onto the sofa, the forbidden zone Haha. She knows how to get what she wants I can tell you!
Elmo – our lovely little cuddly boy found a home very quickly. He was abandoned on the street for no obvious reason as he’s such a great little dog. He has a family who adore him and all the many photos are roof of that. Way to go you!
Elodie  she’s one of the most intelligent, confident, rambunctious puppies I’ve had in a long time. She’s naughty, full of character and delightfully amusing. At 5 months she’s already 17 kg, perhaps she’s related to a camel 😊
Elvis – he had to split from his bff Ethan however they have both really benefitted and moved on surprisingly quickly. I suspect they’re both loving all the attention they no longer have to share. Whatever the reason we have two happy boys and families.
– Zippy RIP – Sadly our little one had to be put to sleep, the tumour had grown and he could no longer eat or urinate. He had found himself a home, his sister remains in the home and seems happy and we know loved.
– Wanda – RIP – She too had cancer and her life shortened as a result. Her bff passed away a couple of months earlier also cancer. They were rescued from the government kennels after being surrendered. They were lucky they got to spend their last months – a year together in a home with someone who loved them right to the end. ❤🐾🐾
If you’d like to see any of the dogs please complete the adoption questionnaire
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Stay well and cool if that’s even possible ? Have a great June-July and Thank You for your continued support.