Dogs Adopted: April –

The past few months may have been difficult and yet for some of our dogs it’s been like Christmas. I’m never happier than when older dogs find homes, more so when they’re x breeders or have come from unpleasant backgrounds.

Today’s edits are in celebration of quite a few mainly older dogs, some young ones too but all happy and enjoying walks, swimming, an absolute ton of love and attention and the obvious stuff ike healthy food, fresh meat and treats too ……….

To all of you who adopted an older dog, THANK YOU for giving them a second chance at a happy life with someone who loves them!

1. Tula – the stunning older GSD (in the background of the photo) was one of the first 4 I took from an x breeder. Now in a wonderful home, however she endured the removal of 18 teeth and mammary strip all so very painful. However, she’s alive and happy for probably the first time in her life. She has a home any dog would want and is never alone, plus she has 2 new dog friends oh and not forgetting she’s waited on hand and foot! Goes hiking, swimming and has a soft bed and the sofa to sleep on!

2. Timor – A stunning older American Alsatian and what a beauty, now in a loving home for the first time. She can’t believe her luck, she’s certainly been welcomed and given everything any dog could want. Timor has friends and is a loved family member she so enjoys going swimming and loves her hikes with her dad. She probably can’t believe her luck. She’s not perfect but has learned and continues to follow her dads lead and is becoming a very obedient super star! She has a bit of a fan club with the kids in the area who absolutely adore her.

3. Thea – Also an American Alsatian and the third of 4 from the x breeder. They were all underfed with a variety of medical issues – Thea has haematoma (both ears) and mammary tumours, thankfully benign. She’s now in a home and learning just how lovely it is to have toys, a soft bed, love in abundance is a first but it’s on tap.

4. Mildred – our very funny girl who dances for her dinner, and her breakfast landed on her toes. It was lovely however surprising to see her settle in so quickly. She has two dog friends plus two humans to play with and she is a very happy dog. I see her around and always get a dance and a mad greeting, great dog Ms Mildew 😘

5. Arlo – of course was very popular like all GR’s. The home he found mirrored his original home and even the kids went to the same school. He’s a happy dog and made his second family very happy too!

6. Snapple – she never left her foster home; her new mums are sisters and share the responsibility of looking after her. Walking, washing, dog sitting and of course snuggling up in front of the TV. A perfect home for Ms Snapple who is loving all the attention on tap💞 she’s almost never alone either which is such a bonus.

7. Tina – such a gorgeous colour this little, with a gorgeous personality too, a perfect fit for the lucky family who fostered then adopted her. It’s too funny watching Tina being dressed up in the kid’s clothes, she sits quietly allowing it, she’s the perfect model 🧡

8. Tarquin – the oldest of the 4 poodles, and in the worst condition. Her skin was bleeding from a poor attempt at shaving her with blunt clippers. Her foster home became her forever home and though it wasn’t a quick and easy settling in period, it happened. She now shares a cushion with the resident cat and dog.

9. Nelly – we were all thrilled to bits when the second of 3 went to a home made in heaven! A rambunctious dog to romp around madly outside the home on walks and swimming days and a little one to play with at home and have a lie down and rest at the same time. 2 homed 1 more to go!

10.Tabatha – one of 4 stunning puppies and an absolute gem. It really was love at first site when mum, dad and Derek the dog met and it hasn’t changed. Brilliant!

11.Trish – the fifth GSD’s and probably the only dog not used for breeding, she was actually shown. Her physical condition wasn’t great and she had to have a lot done too. Now a pet and confident about hanging out with people and dogs. She’s affectionate and gets spoiled and given all the love she never had in the dead-end kennel.

12. Vinny / Maholo – like all Labradors I’ve ever met he loves being outdoors running, exploring and of course swimming or just lying in running water. He’s as happy as he was though his family have changed as has his life. He’s done well and has the perfect active, outdoorsy family.

13. Terry – poodle number 2 who found a home this month and has care and cuddles 24/7. She had ringworm and half her hair fell out but thankfully things are improving in every way for this lovely dog. Her little face says it all really🧡.

14 & 15. Theo & Thomas – what a wonderful surprise it was to hear they were staying together. As big puppies go, they’re the best, gentle giants and bring a smile to any face. To find homes for two large puppies together is always a great feeling more so when they’ve been with the same people since I got them.

16. Tobias – poodle number 3 and the youngest and most dog friendly of the 4. He had a broken leg as a youngster and it was left to heal by itself, sadly it healed and is crooked and he limps, to fix it would mean rebreaking the leg and fusing the bone. He runs around happily and when it gets too much he’ll sit down; life is still fun and enjoyable so all is well.

17.Turmeric – the last of the poodles and she too found a happy home. So many health issues and problems but her family are so happy to accept her and any warts or issues – she has a few

18.Tiffany – GSD puppy number 2 and the last to go into a home, she too has a new friend to keep her in line. An older, well behaved beautiful Malinois. She is a naughty puppy and the best with her gigantic ears and lazy gait.

19.Dorothy – GSD puppy number 3 who came in the second batch with her brother Douglas. These two were a bit different to the other 2 but just as playful and very happy together. Dorothy was re-named Ginger and has an older GSD to keep her in line and entertain too.

20.Douglas – the last of 4 GSD puppies and the only boy was adopted and had to say good bye to his sister, however I know all 4 puppies’ families are in contact and enjoying playdays and Douglas has befriended Trish the GSD.

*Ulla – On a sad note one of the first 4 GSD and AA dogs. Ulla had cancer when we got her and it had already spread, it was tragically inoperable. She had a foster from day one and from that day she also had her first soft bed, ice cream, steak and other delights most dogs may take for granted. She was given 2 months to live and live she did! Right to the end of her happy life, she shared with someone who loved and adored her and her bff Lexi.

Ulla was put to sleep on Monday 27th at 9.15 am. She was a beautiful soul and her foster mum showed the best time ever, thank you Naomi for all the kindness and love you gave our girl. She lay in streams and in the waterfalls RIP 💔 gone but not forgotten

She went to the beach and played in the sand which truly was a joy to watch. She lay in streams and in the waterfalls

Dogs in need of help:

  • Bailey – needs a home and a steady, calm environment but lots of walks.
  • Marble – needs a person who can give him the time he needs to adjust to life in a home.
  • Velvet – needs a home somewhere quiet, she loves the beach and water.
  • Vemo – needs a lively person/s as he’s a big energetic lovely puppy, toilet trained of course.
  • Podgy – a delight in every way and in need of a home to match – up to date and toilet trained.
  • Sato – a stunning male and desperately in need of a loving family. Well behaved and trained.
  • Milly – under 5 years old and a gentle girl, well trained and behaved.

  • Marlene – Milly’s mum and more laid back as she’s older, well behaved and trained too.