Christmas Greetings from our new cats and 2nd cat sacturary

🎄Merry Christmas to you all and we wish you good health and happiness.🎄


The past few weeks have been hectic to put it mildly. Not only because of the usual scramble to find foster homes but due to the arrival of the remaining 31 cats we began taking in 3 months ago. The photos show where and how they were living.​ We received the final 11 last weekend.


Thanks to Emily and her friends who caught them and drove them to us. Half a day was spent at the vet – check-ups, desex, de-flea, worming, vaccinations and microchips all done. I can only say how incredible the Acorn team and Dr Joe were, amazing job!


Next step, Liz and her kids helped drive and carry the cats to their new home in the pouring rain, we were all cold and wet and the poor cats completely discombobulated.


They’re now free to climb, roam, run around and pretty much do what they want in their open plan flat and terrace. As expected, they’re timid at best verging on between scared and petrified at worst. It takes time and I know from experience they’ll come round. At least they’re free, safe and will be cared for, for the rest of their natural lives.


It’s been very expensive even with help from friends. We had to cat proof the terrace to keep them safe. Transportation, large quantities of litter, food, beds, rental, electricity not to mention the medical which isn’t free.


We need to buy strong hard wearing cat towers, beds, cardboard scratch boards (sofa shaped or in other shapes) and so much more. We’ll also need to do more work on building runs and fixing the room which we discovered leaks.


I applied for a government grant however we won’t see anything until next summer at the earliest.


A HUGE thanks to our volunteers, fosters, friends and followers not forgetting our adopters! We still need volunteers for the new cat sanctuary. If you can help, please complete our volunteer questionnaire.


If you can help, please take a look at donation options on our website – HSBC, Payme, Paypal and of course cash are most welcome.