Cheryl’s farewell and Kirsten’s Zoo party




On Saturday 14th December we had a get togetherΒ at the Peak Cafe, Shelley Street; where we hold our adoption days. We were there not just to have a Christmas party but also to say Goodbye to Cheryl who will be on her way to Jakarta on the 29th December.
Cheryl wanted to extend her appreciation to our volunteers by inviting us all to her leaving party. As always her generosity was overwhelming, we had great food, mulled wine and an open bar for hours – long enough to see a few bleary eyes and sore heads the next day!


Cheryl has been a friend, a supporter and adopter of 3 dogs over the past few years.


Sadly Huggy, Cheryl’s first dog and such a love passed away which was so very sad indeed. Months later Cheryl decided she was ready to adopt again and Cheryl surprised many by her choice of dogs. Most expected her to get a dog similar to Huggy who was a Rottie cross. However Cheryl had a different idea and surprised many when she adopted Junebug & Jake a father and son duo, and Chihuahua crosses who couldn’t be more unlike Huggy. Unfortunately the duo aren’t able to go on the same day as Cheryl which wasn’t the plan however we expect they will be joining her in Indonesia by mid-January.
Here are a few of the photos from our evening of fun hahaΒ πŸ˜‰Β as you can see we had a laugh and even raised money too. Thanks to the staff and all who came to join the party.Β Wishing you all a wonderful New Year and I hope it will be a healthy, happy one for all with lots of adoptions for our unwanted, abandoned animals.


Happy New Year,